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    hey any one know of any good sites where i can learn programming. any advise will help me.

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    It tends to be language specific. Is there any particular language you are interested in, or just learn programming in general?

    What is the purpose? Do you want to program games or mobile apps or websites or anything else? That would also make some resources more suitable than others.

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    im not sure. But like to start off making a websites so i can setup an intranet and then move on to Linux programing and any type thats easy to use

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    I don't have much experience with the intranet and Linux stuff, but many years ago I learned HTML, CSS, PHP just by trying to create websites and learning individual things as I needed them. When I get stuck, I always just google the problem (e.g. "css how to align ..." whatever) and usually it brings me to stackoverflow or github where people have discussed the same problem.

    I also often use as reference (they cover all the common website design languages).

    If you want to just create a website quickly, you can use wordpress. Originally it was designed for blogs, but nowadays it is often used for different kinds of websites. It's very easy to use, looks a bit like an email client. You can also start with wordpress and then gradually learn to customize the themes (the visual design and layout) with some php, html, css.

    For more systematic courses, I like They have many programming related courses, which are very similar to what you would get at a university (with exams and deadlines and grading, which can help overcome laziness). Some of them are also fun to take.

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    As others have said, programming is a very wide field, and every area really has it's own unique sets of resources.

    Knowing where you ultimately want to end up is important. If you are looking to develop traditional software, spending time learning the mess that is web development will largely be a waste of time, and some may argue even detrimental. If you want to build web pages, learning a traditional programming language is largely useless.

    I bring these examples up because this is really the first major fork in the road when it comes to software development.

    Not saying you won't eventually dabble in all areas, most programmers have at least a little background in a tonne of fields, but you usually want a core competency. Pick one thing you want to do, an end goal, and work towards that. Make it something you actually have an interest in as well, not just some kind of ends to a means.

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    Youtube is probably the most general solution, at least once you're past the starting gates. I tend to learn more from visual stimulus + doing it myself than reading, so Youtube has served me well, even if I have to learn iPhone app development from a 12 year old. If you're just starting out though, you might be better off with something structured like:

    Learn to code | Codecademy - FREE! Strong front-end development (HTML/CSS/Javascript) interactive lessons - but lots of reading
    Learn Web Design, Web Development, and More | Treehouse - $25.00 / month - Very strong front-end development stuff with lots of videos starring attractive folks and silly frogs. There's a free trial as well.

    Getting deep into web development can bring you pretty far in the programming realm really - you can build hybrid mobile apps with Phonegap, the next great (terrible) social network with PHP, Ruby or Python, or make a pretty lucrative career out of it all. Getting experienced and disciplined with a server side language like PHP, C#, Java or the myriad other options can easily translate into traditional software development with a little shift in thought, though I expect there are a lot more web opportunities out there.

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    As Avalanche says, is a good site to learn the basics of HTML, CSS and scripting languages (which will all be handy if you want to set up intranet/internet web sites).
    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    If you want to learn about Linux, I'd really recommend Arch Linux. The installer gives you a basic (text-only) system, and you install and configure the components step-by-step. That makes for a fast system that's tweaked to your liking and you get a good feel for how Linux works (since you set up the system yourself and "Keep It Simple" is one of the Arch principles). The Arch wiki is great (and an essential reference if you want to find out how to do something, including installing Arch in the first place).

    You probably will run into difficulties with Arch if you don't already know the basics of Linux. If you aren't familiar with the way that devices are mounted to the filesystem, or haven't used a text-based shell before (or don't know what I'm talking about!) then there are some quick tutorials that will bring you up to speed. This one is pretty good:
    UNIX / Linux Tutorial for Beginners

    And if you haven't installed an operating system before (or want to test out Arch without installing it on your hard drive), you might find it easier to run it as a "virtual machine" inside your current OS. Something like VirtualBox should help there:

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    I recommend to start. It is free, easy to use, and very interactive. However, it only covers the bare minimum of what you need to know. You'll be able to code, just not advanced.

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    now that the Topic is mentioned anyone know of courses that will assist in Scripting for Games such as Fallout and Skyrim. i like to mod and make new content but the lack of knowlege in scripting is holding me back a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PottyOrGame View Post
    I recommend to start. It is free, easy to use, and very interactive. However, it only covers the bare minimum of what you need to know. You'll be able to code, just not advanced.
    That is what Ive been using to get my feet wet in the relam of programming.

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