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Thread: WW2 verteran Does a bunk

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    Default WW2 verteran Does a bunk

    A British ww2 veteran was told by his nursing home he could not go to Normandy to commemorate D day so one morning He goes out with rain coat on but under his coat he's wearing his medals boards the coach to Normandy with all the other veterans .

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    I've just read the story on the Telegraph website. Amazing. Not just this guy, but all of them. I wouldn't mind being like this at age 89. But I hope we won't get any opportunity for the war experience.

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    The linked page is continually updating thus changing the dynamic of the story. The original version stated that he had been refused leave from the old folks home to attend the bash. I would imagine that back in 44 and given the free choice he would rather not wish to attend.

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    Ha ha! What a legend!

    Glad to hear he's still got his fighting spirit!

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