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Thread: Wearing Girl Size Clothes?

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    Default Wearing Girl Size Clothes?

    I was wondering, if it is possible for a guy if he is skinny enough to wearing girl size clothes. I can wear girl size 8 underwear and I was wondering if I could fit into and wear girl outer clothes?

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    How do you think cross-dresser's do it? lol

    Of course its possible, just don't expect to look exactly like women do in those clothes. Women and men are shaped differently, so certain items will look good while certain others will look horrendous.

    For example; for the average male body ~ maxi dresses would be out of the questions because it makes them look like a tree branch, so flowy sun-dresses would work better because it flows outward.

    And you don't have to be "skinny enough". These days they make large sizes for large women, so men can wear women's clothing regardless of size (of course, there is still a limit, but its a pretty broad limit)

    If you need more convincing ~ I am transgender and I've only been on hormones for 3.5 months, yet I've been living my life as female, dressing in female clothing full-time for the last 5 months... I've gone down in size but when I started, I was 210 lbs, size XL and size 12/14 dresses/skirts/jeans. And that was with an entirely male body, and the clothes fit me fine, but I also went with body-flattering clothes because as I said, not all women's clothes are gonna look as good as they do on women, because of differences in body shape.

    Now I'm 189 lbs, size 8/10 in jeans and dresses, L mostly in shirts and dresses as well, bordering on M. Seeing as I've been dressed female since before i transitioned, and still managed to look good ~ I'm sure you can manage the same thing. But be aware that sizes vary by store. For example: Forever 21 seems to sell clothes for tiny women because even though I'm an L or 8/10 in most place like aeropostale, target, american eagle, cotton on, etc... In forever 21, im still considered plus size -_-

    Its also worth mentioning that if you have broad shoulders or a broad chest, you might have trouble fitting into the right dress size because while you could be an M or L in dresses, your chest might make it so you have to wear an XL or XXL :P

    As for bottoms ~ if you have male-figure legs and butt, girl jeans will fit you fine but if you have very defined quads, the same issue might occur. You might be size 10 in jeans, but have to wear size 12 because your legs might just be too big.

    Otherwise, to answer your question simply: Yes, guys can fit into girl clothes, as long as its the right size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyEmilyLG View Post
    Otherwise, to answer your question simply: Yes, guys can fit into girl clothes, as long as its the right size.
    Well, I'm not too worried about fitting into women's size clothes. I'm more interested if I could fit into little girl size clothes since I can fit into girl size 8 panties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzBaby View Post
    Well, I'm not too worried about fitting into women's size clothes. I'm more interested if I could fit into little girl size clothes since I can fit into girl size 8 panties.
    oh god -_- why didnt you say so lol.

    Don't know anything about that, so I cant really help you there =P sorry. However, Size 8 panties are pretty big for a "little" girl. I'm size 10 which is only a size above 8, and I can't wear junior girl clothes. Hell, my wife is size 0/2 and SHE cant fit into little girl clothes, and she's tiny. I think you'd be better off just buying custom made LG clothes.. its expensive though.

    The size of your underwear differs greatly from the size of everything else. I suppose the only way to find out is to either take the math approach or the trial and error approach.

    Math Approach: measure yourself in every way, and measure the clothes or get a rough estimate of the inches they fit.

    Trial and Error Approach: Buy it, try it on, return it if it doesn't fit or keep it if it does. I suggest Walmart ~ they will take it back and not give you that bullshit "store credit" deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzBaby View Post
    Well, I'm not too worried about fitting into women's size clothes. I'm more interested if I could fit into little girl size clothes since I can fit into girl size 8 panties.
    Try this information for converting (or first figuring out) the various sizes...

    Look at the size tag on an article of clothing that fits well, whether in junior or girls' sizes. For an example, if you have a size 14 girls' dress that fits well, you may want to know its equivalent in a junior size.
    Conversion is not an exact science

    Check a size chart that includes measurements for chest, waist and hips, such as the one from Simplicity patterns (, or one from your favorite clothing company. You don't have to know the measurements exactly, but it will help you to estimate the size. In the example, a size 14 lists measurements as chest: 32 inches, waist: 26 1/2 inches, and hips: 34 inches.
    Use a tape measure for a better fit

    Take the measurements you found in the last step and look for corresponding measurements in the other size table. For example, looking at the junior chart, you can see that a girls' size 14 falls squarely between junior sizes 7 and 11, so we'll estimate that it's the equivalent of a size 9. Note that it is not an exact equivalent. A junior size 9 can have hips as wide 35 inches and a waist as wide as 25 inches.

    There are many different types of sizing charts. They begin when children are small. Small children wear baby or girls clothing. After they outgrow the girls clothing, they can move on to Young Junior, Junior Petite and Miss Petite Clothing. This occurs when they are just over 5 feet in height. Junior sizes are for shorter women or taller girls from 5'4" to 5'5" in height. Misses or Women's clothing is designed for women 5'5" or over.

    A girl who is 10 or 11 and is a little more developed can begin wearing junior sizes if they suit her better. Likewise, a girl whose body is a little slower to develop can continue wearing girls' sizes if she prefers. The key is fit, not age.

    Size conversion is not an exact science. For the most accurate fit, you need to try on articles of clothing before you buy them. If that's not possible, use a tape measure and take accurate measurements of bust, hips and waist of an article of clothing that fits you well, then match them to the specific size chart of the brand of clothing you plan to buy.
    Sizing alone, is not an exact determination either, because...
    • The labeled-sizes change from the measurement-sizes (see 'vanity-sizing'), and the sizes vary from manufacturer (and even with the same brand).
    • The type of material makes a significant difference in wear-ability...
    • The style-cut makes a lot of difference too...

    One more thing... When doing male to female conversions... the measurements are often taken at different points of the body... for instance, a male's waist measurement is usually taken very nearly at the hip-bones... where the female waist is generally higher to just below the belly button/navel... and then you have to further figure out where the article of clothing is intended to rest...

    I have found that if I get an idea of what size I may need, then go into a thrift-store and buy two to three girls jeans for around $6- the lot... I can take them home to try them, and I'm not out much if I don't feel like returning them for credit (just donate them back)... I've found size, fit, cut, and material, and styles that I like, and are comfortable, and look quite reasonable... by using this method.

    Now, as for in-store shopping...
    It should be about like buying baby or youth diapers for yourself... which can make you feel quite self-conscious...

    How to avoid looking like a 'creeper'...
    First rule, don't actually be a creeper...
    2nd, don't act/behave like a creeper...
    Be respectful, calm, and mature...

    There can be much excitement getting the clothes that fits the LG personalities, and much frustration with getting those symbolic clothes to fit the reality of your body...

    With some trial-&-error, and a bit of time and working it out... gaining knowledge, experience, and competence, and confidence...

    That little princess inside, and that 'man' outside... can both feel and look pretty good!

    I hope this has helped...
    Best of luck,

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    I don't know what your size is, but I'm a size 8 dress, and I can fit girls clothes sizes 16-18 depending on the piece. Take the fabric into account, stretchy obviously is easier to fit, but those clothes often don't have the classic little girl look I go for. Just look for plus size girls clothes. If you're not afraid to try them on in the store, I highly recommend it before buying. I get a bunch of clothes, some women's, some girls, and hope the dressing room associate doesn't notice the difference. I suppose this only applies if you can pass. If you shop somewhere like goodwill where they don't have anyone to count or check your items before you go into the dressing room even better. Just drape the girls clothes over your arm, and regular clothes overtop and walk in. You still have to be on the thinner side for any of this, but not ridiculously so. One last last idea, if I happen to have driven somewhere far from where I live, that I won't regularly be in; I go to a store and try on children's without even trying to cover it up. If I'm never going see any of these people again, why should I care what they think or if I'm a spectacle?

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    Marka's given a ton of info on clothing sizes. I can add to that with my own experience as a guy who wears girls' clothes. Here are tips you might find handy:

    -Always get the biggest size you can. These clothes are intended for smaller people, so shoot high, unless there's something you simply have to have in a smaller size.

    -Tops and bottoms will fit differently. For panties, men can actually squeeze into kids' sizes easier than women in a lot of cases. This is because we tend to have smaller hips. Being a thin guy, I can fit easily into size 14 girls' panties, and could probably do a size 8 like you (uncomfortably!) However, for dresses, size 14 is usually a no-go for me, and even size 16 is pushing it. I'm not a big guy at all, but mens' shoulders are naturally broader, so it's harder to get tops and dresses to fit. So keep that in mind as you shop.

    -Related to that last note: certain styles of clothing will work better. For bottoms, sweatpants will fit better than jeans, because of the flexible waist. Similarly, skirts with a stretchy waist will fit much better than those that are rigid. (This is why we can get into panties so well - they stretch a lot!) For tops and dresses, sleeveless dresses will fit best, due to those pesky shoulders. If not, go for options with stretchy material in the shoulders and a wide neck opening. If the dress has a zip up back, you'll be able to get it on, but closing it may be another story...trial and error! And, if you're into tights and pantyhose, those are really stretchy - get the biggest girls' size and you should be fine.

    -Sometimes you can find what you're looking for in adult sizes too. There are lots of girly-style womens' clothes in thrift stores, including some gorgeous dresses that look designed for olden-time little girls but in adult sizes. Have a look there! As a bonus, they're super cheap too!

    Those are my top tips for girls' fashion. As Marka also said, just go in casually and buy what you like without shame. If you're calm and unashamed, no one will look twice. There are lots of reasons you could be buying girls' clothes - a daughter, a sister, to donate to a charity. Put it this way: their first thought won't be, "Oh my gosh, he's going to take those children's clothes home and wear them!" (And if it somehow is, they won't speak up. No one wants to make a scene in public anyway!)

    Enjoy and shop away! There are lots of great girls' clothes that are accessible to adults out there. You'll love them!

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    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess why you want to fit into girls size 8 underwear.

    I highly doubt you'll fit into size 8, I only weigh 140 some pounds and I just barely fit into size 12 (I'm one of those lucky people who can still fit into the girls section ^.^ I just think things are so much nicer in that section.) Anyway, I know weight is only part of the equation there but I am going to say that if you weigh more than me, you probably wont fit.

    That said, you will probably fit into girls clothing still, I've found that skirts and such are generally easy to fit into even at smaller sizes (Depending on the skirt material and type and such ofc.) And some shirts are designed to stretch out a little bit. It really depends on what brands you want to buy and what your body measurements are.

    I don't really have alot of advice to give other than experiment. It's what the changing rooms are for (Albeit not underwear) I just wouldn't recommend going in by yourself as a guy with a handful of girls clothing, I recommend finding a girl you can trust to go with you and say you're helping her. (That way she can help you make sure things are properly fitted, and it doesn't look weird to the changing room attendants) So I personally think experimentation is best.

    Edit*: I misread your post, thought you were asking if you could fit into that size, lmao, ah well, the rest of the advice still stands though.

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    Color me officially confused... How is it that I weight about 190 and can fit in size 8/10 underwear with no problem 0_o mind you, I'm 6'1"

    I mean is there a sizing scale that differs from adult women sizes? is 8 in girls different from 8 in adult women sizes?

    Just goes to show how people can come in all shapes and sizes. I'm usually considered of the "athletic" build because i have decently broad shoulders and a 39" chest... but I fit in size L (or 10/12/14 depending on the store) in dress sizes 0_o perhaps it depends on the "type" of clothing? I tend to go for anything that has stretchy fabric :P

    If its any consolation; you can find very cute girly looking clothes that are made for adult women in certain clothing stores. I personally find the dresses and outfits at Forever 21 and American Eagle to be incredibly adorable and bordering on LG clothes lol. The dresses are just TOO cute looking, its almost like they're made for LG's lol I have 5 dresses from Old Navy, American Eagle and Aeropostale that I've worn to little's parties in my area and they could pass for adolescent clothing lol.

    But otherwise, just go in and try those cute numbers on yourself :p Even before presenting female full-time, i would walk into the changing room and try on dresses and skirts and all types of things, most people don't acknowledge it, and others might ask you "are you sure?" before saying "okay.. if you say so", so I'd say, if you have the confidence ~ do it lol its worth noting that in this day and age, boys and girls wear eachother's clothing sometimes as a fashion statement or just because they like how it looks. The lead singer of The 1975 wears this mesh female cardigan just because "its comfortable and it fits" lol. Just do you and the hell with anyone else. Not like they can do much else other than stare or have a look of confusion :P they're gonna go home at the end of their shift, maybe ponder on "that guy who tried on girls clothes today" and then forget about it before popping a sleeping pill and knocking out :P you should consider thinking about them as much as they will think about you lol (if you didn't get the point i was trying to make; store employees have so much other shit in their life to worry about that seeing a guy try on girls clothing is the least of their worries, so it should be the least of yours)

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    To answer the question is a girls size 8 different than a woman's size 8? Very much so. I have a daughter that is in between girls sizes and juniors sizes. The suggestion of try them on is the only way you can find out what fits and what doesn't.

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