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Thread: Padded at work for the first time

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    Default Padded at work for the first time


    I'm on the bus to work and I'm padded. First time for me.

    I've gone with a discrete pull up which I'll keep dry till the end of the day.

    Bit nervous as I have some meetings today.


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    Default Padded at work for the first time

    I work padded all the time

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    Congrats! Nice to see things are getting more comfortable for you. Hope you have the best, most relaxing day ever.

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    Hi, SissyDLE. Glad to see someone stepping out of the box, Padded and work goes great in hand and hand. Best of Luck
    Please let us know how it works out for you. The first time is always fun.

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    Well, you are right, it was quite fun. The initial jangle of nerves over discovery soon subsided and I god on with my day sitting comfortably at the computer and in meetings. Tee Hee... The pull ups are cloth backed, not really my favorite, but discrete. The plastic knickers / underpants were also silent.

    At one point I was standing in the Director's Office giving a brief update. Stood no more than five feet from him while we had a chat. THAT was a buzz. *Giggle*

    As I said, I went with pull-ups so I had the option to stay dry, which I did. Let's not run just yet. On the other hand, I was bursting on the way home on the bus. Happens to all of us at some point. Well, talk about preparation and planning. I have a 10 minute walk from the bus stop with few option for relief in this situation. Well... No problem this time.

    All in all, I had a great day. Not sure that I'd want to do it every day, would not be that special but seeing as it is SIDF, I thought what the heck.

    As I now have the option of looser trousers, I'm off to change into something more substantial and go to the cinema.

    I've a feeling this may be another 24/7 weekend. I do have that meeting with the Bank Manager tomorrow. Hmmm. Not sure!

    Have a great SIDF and a wonderful, padded weekend!


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    I wear in public all the time in fact nobody seems to care, but I get the occasional looks but that is quickly followed with a tongue out at the grump.

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    Good for you, I hope all goes well for the future.

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    Thats amazing that you went to work padded. I yet have to get that much courage to do that.

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    I have gone to work padded a number of times. It is an exciting and naughty feeling. It is even more exciting when you wet the diaper. It gives you a nice warm feeling, and nobody else even notices. I wear Abena Abriflex premium 3's. Not the most discreet diaper around. Nice and bulky for my liking. Nobody ever notices! Wear to work and enjoy.

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    Good or you. I never had the courage to wear to work.

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