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    just had a strange dream last night - well, in the early morning after getting up and going back to bed again, often get a deep and dreamy sleep after this!.

    I saw a school photo of a load of 4-5 year old kids but most of them had soothers (dummies) in their mouths!. I asked my mother which school it was and she told me it was a private school popular with footballers kids (ie people with more money than sense!) Then I somehow went to the school to look around and saw older kids in the yard/playground who may have been 12-15 and a few of them still had dummies in their mouths! Was thinking about reporting back on this, but then my last memory is a big man following me around and telling me to leave.

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    Funny And assuming that footballers infer that you live in Europe, maybe UK, it's not very far fetched, I think I've heard of some pacifier trend among schoolkids over there... dunno where, though...

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    I have more vivid dreams when I go back to sleep. Some of them involve diapers as I sleep diapered. Some of them are just plain disturbing....sigh.

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    I've had similar dreams I lovelovelove dreaming it's one of my favourtist things to do. I'm known around my friends and family to have very very werid vivid dreams. I always have had them, but since starting my meds they've gotten even better <3 It's almost like I dream in HD now. Epic and my recall of them is scary good. Like a watching a movie. Not so cool for the nightmares though :/

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