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    So i have been gone for the past month and a half to two months but for good reason. i had just moved out of my parents house where me and both my brother and my son were all sharing a 10x20-ish room. and now me and both boys are in a two bedroom trailer. i now have my own room. and they still share one, but its alright they usually shared a bunk together anyways. but i have been with out internet for about two months (talk about a hard time) its been horrible. but as of yesterday i am now back up with internet. so to my friends who were wondering. thats where i have been.

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    Welcome back. I can only imagine two months without internet, I think I might go into withdrawal if put in that situation.

    Oh yeah, and congrats on finding a more comfortable living situation.

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    yeah she needs a bit of work but 90% of the Renovations have been done already and the Materials for the last 10% were in the living room but since i am an employee of the park in which it sits i have access to the Park warehouse so i got approval to section off a corner and store it in there till im ready for it. all that is left to do it the roof rafters and trusses in the living room need to be replaced and the roof proped back, insulation in the livingroom celing, insulation under the floor, a bit of duct work for the central heat/air unit, and paint, skirting, and reseal the roof. but all the other rooms have already been re-roofed, insulated, and new walls (no panel board just Solid 3 inch thick wood cut to run from stud to stud and treated with a stain and a clear coat to prevent splintering) counters, cupbords, sinks, shower/bathtub, and appliances are all brand new like less than a year old.

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    Welcome back dude. Sounds like you got your work cut out for you....two boys and a renovation.
    Hope you can find some little time in amongst all that.

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    Congrats on getting your own place and hopefully everything is looking up for you.
    Welcome back BTW.

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