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Thread: Took a gander now I'm here to stay...

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    Default Took a gander now I'm here to stay...

    Hey all,

    I'm Kalloon I was a member before, and I wanted to join back as it was in the past a massively long gander around for me. I barely posted to be honest due to being never online, but now I'm here to hopefully stay on and onwards.

    I am a TB well soon AB 18 this year, however regardless of my age I still believe to be a TB for much longer till mid twenties perhaps?. I'm as well as DL upon a occasion, thats if I ever get the money to buy as I'm always broke, and I'm broke because I get pissed. Oh how I love my drink.

    Anyways, I hope to continue on chatting and hope to have a good time. I dont really want to tell what my previous username was, I want to make it into a little guessing game. Have fun or dont bother your choice.

    Hope to speak to you all soon, and I do plan to post more when ever I can. Is tomorrow good for you all? - I joke, it'll be whenever I can, my ISP is shite anyways. Why Sky...

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    WB; I luvs my drink too though not to get squiffy... Right now I am indulging in a thick black treacly locally brewed porter. (Type of ale.) And a cheap camembert. Yaya. We'll need more info to go on than your country and imbibing habits to guess your old username...
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    welcome to the site kalloon. post lots, and feel free to drop by the IRC channel -- it's a good place to chat and get to know people better. i like your name by the way!

    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Right now I am indulging in a thick black treacley locally brewed porter. (Type of ale.) And a cheap camambert.
    that sounds like my kind of snack, raccoon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalloon View Post
    my ISP is shite anyways. Why Sky...
    Why AOL?

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    Yes, yes! I like to get blotto too :drinks: :repplus:

    Welcome to adisc

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    Welcome! hope to see you around. And like Avery said. Great user name!!!

    Don't be too show to post around. We won't bite (hard)

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    Welcome back, Kalloon! Good to see a former member return to the group. Hope you'll stick around!


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    Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    You all are lucky, I want to drink whenever I please! Oh well only 4 more months!

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    Welcome back Kalloon hope you stay awhile and hope you get yourself some diapers

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