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Thread: Help with my look

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    Default Help with my look

    Need help trying to make my self look like ashley tisdale but havent a clue were to start
    This is the look i want

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    it would be helpful to know what you currently look like as a comparison

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    I think that one of the most interesting differences between men and woman is how woman animate their faces. Men generally don't, short of a simple smile. Every woman animates their face differently and it's an integral part of their look and attraction. In order to look like a particular woman, you have to be able to reproduce her facial expressions. In the photo you posted, her mouth and lower face exude a sort of impish smile (like Audrey Hepburn) and her eyes have an intense stare with a rather coquettish look. Here whole facial expression exudes playful sexual attraction and at the same time being slightly naughty. Master the way she animates her face and you've gone a long way towards achieving her look.

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    Thanks but what im looking for is what makeup and wig i need

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    babe ~ make-up and wig wont turn you into ashley tisdale :P it can make you a pretty blonde girl, but there is more to looking like a person than just make up and wig lol and you don't really need a specific make up or wig, you just need good ones. She seems to be situated around the "natural" look in terms of make-up, so simplicity is key.

    Here are my recommendations on makeup:

    - Urban Decay Naked 2 or 3 eye shadow pallet
    - Urban Decay black eye-liner (or any brand eye liner really, as long as its long lasting and waterproof is always a plus)
    - Mascara (I use Smashbox Full-Exposure because it curls my lashes) but men and women have different lashes, sometimes men can be blessed with long fluttery lashes, but its rare. It looks like you'd have a better chance buying fake eyelashes (and dont worry about them being fake, trust me, every girl wears fake eye lashes at some point or another)
    - don't know what your face situation is, but if you have any sort of facial hair, shave it off as close as you can and get yourself a concealer (I had laser on my face so i don't use much concealer anymore, but I recommend getting Mac Studio Finish Concealer (btw, studio finish is the name, not the color lol, I know that some make-ups have "studio finish" as a color, but this is the name of the product, the colors come in different codes which you'd have to test out to see which one blends with your skin tone)
    - Blush: blush is a pretty simple aspect, some people like mousse blushes, i prefer powder blushes ~ I use Kat Von D blush because it lasts long and takes a while before it fades
    - Lipstick (or gloss). It seems in this picture that she uses glossy type of light-pink shade lipstick ~ you can either buy a light pink shade that has shine, or you can buy a mat-pink shade lipstick and add a gloss coating to it to make it shimmer or shine.

    You should know that make-up takes PRACTICE to get it right... and there are techniques to it, she looks like she doesnt have much of a "personal style" in terms of make-up and just does the simple natural look, you can look at youtube videos to give you some help on which colors to use and where ~ but in reality, the colors you use all depend on your skin tone and complexion.

    As for the wig... just look for a wig online and find the one you think matches best with her hair color: just dont buy one of those cheap party wigs from party city or costume stores because they look horribly fake, not all wigs are expensive and a wig doesn't have to be one of those expensive real-hair wigs for it to look real, before my hair started getting longer I wore a curly brown long hair wig that looked totally natural, and it was 100% synthetic and only costed me 17$ on amazon :3 I dont use it anymore but its still in working condition after almost half a year. There is no real "direct information" anyone can really give you on what you "need", but I hope this helped in some way.

    Oh and also ~ make up isnt cheap.. if you wanna look good, don't skip on the expensive stuff... when it comes to make-up it really is all about "you get what you pay for"... i mean sure, there are little drug-store cheats that can trump the expensive stuff, but most of the time there isnt, and when it is, its for minimal things like eye liner or mascara primer, never go cheap for eye shadow, blush, concealer, foundation, etc. There are cheap lipsticks you can buy too but don't go TOO cheap because then you risk looking like a bad drag queen (and I say "bad" because some drag queens have an INSANE sense of make-up skill, they can make the craziest colors come to life, but others.... others need serious help in that department)

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    Default thanks

    thanks. iv got some makeup ages ago but i dont know what colours to use. i put up some pics on one of my other sites and link it to this thread

    the link to my makeup
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    I would suggest just going to Sephora and asking them for advice, they're very good at what they do, and dont feel nervous about shopping for makeup because sephora is always full of guys and girls trying on different things (thats, assuming you are too nervous to shop at the store or ask for makeup advice in person)

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    Thanks i dont theirs are sehora here in Ireland. I have to buy online as im still not open about being a cd

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