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    I have just posted a blog on the topic of not being an Adult Baby," but rather an "Adult Child."

    After hitting the post button, I suddenly realised that it would have been more appropriate posted here instead.

    As I do not have a computer, and everything I post is done via iPhone, I cannot seem to figure out how to copy it here. I will re-submit it here, but it's so laborious writing a story on my phone, and it's 6am, so if there are any older "littles" here, please have a look and comment!



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    Then pretty much you would do the blog and not really say it up here. There's nothing wrong with that but if your making a blog there's really nothing to say here...The blog is show on the bottom screen once you scroll down.

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    Another topic which is frequent, but still stirs some good discussion when it comes up.

    I am a similar way: I see myself not as a baby or toddler (usually), but a seven year old girl who's still in diapers for bladder issues. The 'baby' items are a comfort thing, because I'm a sensitive little pup and they help me feel safer: they don't mean I'm actually a baby.

    Your story about Shelley is intriguing: it's not how my interest in wetting developed, but my 'sister' has a very similar kind of interest and I'm willing to bet she would have been delighted to have the chance to talk to another kid about her piddly ways as a child. Again, when she regresses it's to about 6 or so, rather than a baby.

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    Thanks for the feedback. My times with Shelley and my cousin Jenny certainly shaped how I turned out. Throw in the bed wetting and diapers and you have the full package.
    That is why by posting some memories I hope to meet other people who may have shared similar childhoods.

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    Yes, this is a very common topic here. I think a lot of ABs don't necessarily see themselves as babies. Though my little age of 5 is sometimes considered to be on the border of toddler/big kid, I feel more like a big kid who still needs pull-ups and still sometimes uses baby items for comfort, but for the most part he is a regular 5-year-old.

    I'm not exactly sure how the interest in wetting started. I was a bed wetter and wore goodnites until I was about 6, but never had any daytime accidents that I remember. I remember being in kindergarten and first grade and seeing some of the kids in my class have accidents sometimes, and felt oddly interested but didn't know exactly why. It was like I was drawn to the vulnerability and embarrassment that they felt, which is also probably where I got my interest in embarrassment (I use that word instead of humiliation because I feel humiliation is too strong for what I'm into).

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    My Little is probably about 5-7 years old. I'm definitely not an Adult Baby but I am a DL.

    My little is not all that fully formed but she was around last night when I went to bed so I was cuddling a teddy bear last night.

    Just shows the range of people on here


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    Well said MattCatt. That describes what I'm trying to say perfectly. I can recall every time I saw another kid with wet pants. It's like I was drawn to the embarrassment of it but not for humiliation. Even now, on the rare occasion that I see wet pants, it's like my eyes are drawn like a magnet. Afterwards, I may not even remember what the person looked like, I will remember their clothing and how they stood and acted.

    As I was never really punished or traumatised by wetting myself, I cannot fathom how and where this fetish started.

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    If i had to identify myself as any form of little, I find myself to be a teen, not a little. I couldn't quite say why, but I'm like your friend, just a teen who occasionally wets her pants.

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    Being non-AB, I have to say it sounds a lot more interesting than being an Adult Baby... Dunno why... ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by MysticalMelody View Post

    If i had to identify myself as any form of little, I find myself to be a teen, not a little. I couldn't quite say why, but I'm like your friend, just a teen who occasionally wets her pants.
    I've seen this mostly being referred to as being a Middle (12-17), basically an older Little (4-11) ^_^ I'm a Little, and am not a baby in anyway. In fact I get quite insulted when refereed to as such. I hate it :3

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