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Thread: Best Plastic / Rubber Underpants Available in the UK?

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    Default Best Plastic / Rubber Underpants Available in the UK?


    I am in need of some plastic or rubber over pants and I am based in the UK.

    Waist 36 inches but I have wide thighs due to time in the gym etc.

    Just bought some from DryLife and relatively unimpressed. Also had some DL pants from PVC-U-Like which fell apart in 2 weeks but were great while they lasted...

    So, without spending a fortune, where should I go for good quality PVC / PU / Rubber underwear to go over my nappies / diapers?

    Over to you!



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    You ask a tough question. If your looking for function " preventing leaks " a 100% latex pant, in my opinion, preform the best. Since latex is elastic the legs and top can tighten around you without bunching or wicking. The cons are that latex is delicate, require more care, and is rather expensive. Assuming you don't have an allergy . I would look for some without elastic in the legs because it will cause bunching and reduce the benefits of the rubber.

    The only pants I have bought that I thought worked well were the FuuBuu Japanese style pants that are sold on ebay. Sizing can be a problem but they are inexpensive. They do come from china so the quality isn't perfect but i liked them until I made my own latex pair , which can hold fluid in them without something absorbing it. I based the shape of the latex pants off of the fuubuu pants.

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    I have 10 pairs!!! I find garys pants are the best i have 3 of them 2 pull up 1 snap Im 36 waist 230 and there not to tight around the legs like all the others that leave red inprints

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    Try either or cosyndry.Have purchased from both .

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    I've bought plastic pants from various places and the quality can vary wildly. These days I tend to order the "UltraFlex Polyurathane Pants" from Fetware. The company is based in the USA but shipping to the UK isn't too excessive. The plastic pants themselves last for ages, have a comfortable amount of elastic, don't end up going brittle, and are reasonably priced.

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    Cosy N Dry are the best, Nanny Margaret will make them on request if they are not available on the website.
    There are a number of good sellers on EBay if you want specialist pants (frilly, noisy, sissy etc) PM for my recommendations.

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