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Thread: O_O The Abena M4

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    Default O_O The Abena M4

    Those things are big! I ordered medium for 14 and they barely fit into my bookbag. I opened them and they hardly fit again damn...

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    Yep, but at the same time you likely won't need quite as many of them as you would of a thinner one. I use M4s as my 24/7 diaper and I usually stick two in my laptop bag's side pocket just in case, although I usually only need one if any.

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    Get a Bellissimo sometime if you wanna see big (thick), hehe.

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    You don't need more than two or three during the day. Hell, on short days I only have one with me, and some spares in the trunk of my car in a bag just in case.

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    wait until you max it out!!! then from big to titanic

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    umm...this isn't discreet My only chance is to live it up while I'm home alone. Sad thing is I think I put it on wrong -_-

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    Yeah, they have really good tapes, the side effect of that unfortunately though is that once their on they are on.

    That said you'd be surprised at how thick a diaper can be and still be discreet. I've been wearing Abena M4s as my 24/7 diaper since February and nobody has so much as noticed.

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    I've gone out wearing a Bellisimo and have yet to get so much as an odd look (though not with friends, just out walking).

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    Ha this is funny, I'm wearing my first M4 ever right now. And yeah, these damn things are huge!

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    1 down, 13 to go...Tapes are great but I used it wrong apparently I was supposed to take the blue tabs off first and the leg holds were up and down so that's definitely a wrong thing to do. There's an article on How-to on this page and apparently I got to result into this I feel ashamed. Now the fun part. Folding it to dispose was yea so friggin big it was about the size of my Xbox 360. But these things did give great results in absorbency, but too bad I couldn't use it 100% because well...I have a friend over and I didn't wanna be awkward even thou he knows I am a DL and it crinkles but you can hardly hear it unless the room is making no sound whatsoever. I will say this ^^ best $27 dollars spent and the box was discreet from amazon!

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