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Thread: Help. Bought wrong size diapers.

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    Default Help. Bought wrong size diapers.

    Sorry if this has already been asked but I have a dilemma.

    I buy my diapers from Boots Chemist in the UK. Problem is I bought some a few months ago and we're slightly too big. So when I bought some more about 2 weeks ago I bought the next size down.

    I'm finding them too small. I've used about 3 of them out of a 10 pack. I don't want to waste them because they are not cheap. Does anyone know if boots have an exchange policy? Or does anyone have any ideas what I could do?

    Many Thanks

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    iv tried boots nappies and the sizing is weird. M/L and XL. iv tried m/l but the xl fits better for some reason. i dont thin you can bring them back because the pack was opened. you try sell them on ebay. just work out how much 1 is and then add them up. some times if buy nappies that are to small ill use them as suffers that way i say in a nappy longer. hope this helps and good luck with it

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    Like AshlyT said, maybe use them as stuffers. With the xtrabulk (tm) the Boots may fit better. And...xtrabulk!

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    Ebay is a great idea!! if you sell in packs of 2 you will easily double your money, I also buy samples or packs of 2 to test them before i buy bulk on ebay

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    I have bought Boots stay dry slips a few times and have found them to fit fine.I buy size M-L and I have no issues with fitting.I think they're very good nappies.Shame there's only 10 in a pack.If you have opened the pack then they wont refund or exchange.

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    Thanks for your ideas and suggestions. I'm going to try them as a stuffer to see if the larger ones fit better. If not then going to sell on ebay.

    When using as a stuffer does this mean wearing one diaper on top of another?

    Thanks again.

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    Yep. Just cut off the sides to me like a pad. Some times ill make a slit down the middle. If u need more advise pm me

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    Walgreens has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their brand products. You can return them any time for exchange or refund. Since Walgreens owns Boots I'm sure they have a similar policy. Look to see if there is wording on the package that states that. If not use them as stuffers.

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