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Thread: Where did you get your screenname?

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    Default Where did you get your screenname?

    C'mon, guys, everyone knows every screenname has a story behind it. I mean, you dont gotta tell if its secret, and technically you dont gotta say ANYWAY, but still, its fun XD (sorry if there is already a topic for this)

    Alright, i got my SN, Kanone, from the anime Spiral. Kanone Hilbert was the western-accented antagonist at the end of the series, after showing up about halfway though. I took a liking to his accent and attitude, and it was the first thing i could think of other than my nickname (Danyx Eleven) when i signed up, not wanting to use something someone might recognize at the time.

    Now, your turn!

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    Pojo is a magazine that I read when I was younger to see prices of Pokemon cards and all that...And now it's my name, but I don't have an affiliation with the magazine anymore...Or ever that much...I have plenty of variations of this name, first I was just "Pojoman" on a good deal of sites...Then I would have "Pojo" followed by something related to the site (Such as on here, I used to be Pojodiaper)...And yeah..I've lost my train of thought

    Uh...If you find a Pojo___ on some site, it's possible it's me

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    Lost = my general position in the universe
    Lotus= a nickname comming from my chinese name

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    The most eccentric FPS you might have played, Point Blank.

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    Mine is the name I gave to a toy dog I had as a child. There is a thread on this topic called 'Names, Tags, and Numbers' in the Regulars forum, but I think it's good to have one here as well. This will allow the newer members to participate in this topic before they have the Regular status.
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    I have a general name I use on almost every site, so when I came here, I couldn't use it.... You would find me in real life..... So because of my lack of creativity, I chose "Me" and decided to spice it up with the ":p" that's how easy I am....

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    My SN comes from a mask i made severel years back. i put weeks of thought into the design. there are some more personal reasons but that is the main reason behind it.

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    Umm... I collect casper the ghost memorobelia and I like the pictures of him when he was drawn with feet instead of the tail whispy thing and he'd fly with his hand up like a super hero. 29 sounded as good a number as any... and I'm kinda hooked on thinking that this year being 2009 is really cool. I guess it doesn't take a lot to make me happy. *smiles*

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    Butterfly Mage


    For "Butterfly Mage"

    -- Butterfly: In Wicca, this animal represents dynamism and change.
    -- Mage: Well... I *am* a witch, so...

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