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Thread: What would you miss.

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    Default What would you miss.

    I had a mommy at one time and i was thinking about her. I was thinking what thing i missed the most and you would think diaper change or something. I miss the baths she used to give me washing my hair and stuff ...if you lost a mommy or daddy what one thing would you miss the most.

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    I have never had one to begin with nor regressed around anyone before. Honestly... I have no idea myself. But I'd guess the love. If I had one I'd be really big on cuddling and snuggling. ^~^ You can bet that's what i'd miss if I ever got one then lost them.

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    That is true. I do miss cuddles

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    I would miss diaper changes the most. Got some baths lined up though for the holiday, that should be fun.

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    I've never been so lucky as to have had a 'mommy' to take care of me and my 'little' secret.
    If I'd had that I would have missed what I miss today.
    Someone (a woman) to cuddle and just 'be around' when I sleep.
    That would be awesome.
    That would be soooo nice to have, even for a little while.....

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    I'm missing all what I lost and can't recuperate: The time, which I misused. There're soething more, but I prefere leave it as something private.

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    Hello All,

    I have only had one in person Mommy that was more than a hour or so. I was very lucky to have been able to live with a Mommy for 3 years. She died of a heart attack in 2004. It's hard to narrow it down to one thing that I miss the most. But I guess I would have to say the love. For her, it wasn't just role playing. She treated me as if I really was her baby. She had given birth to two kids but the twins died shortly after birth. Complications kept her from having children in the future. So role playing for her was a way to have babies. Anyway she gave me the baby life. Tucked in for nap and at night. She did bottle feeding. But my favorite was cuddling time. I loved to sit next to her and we would cuddle while watching TV or cartoons. Or she would cuddle me while I had my bottle. Talking is another big thing I miss. Anytime I was upset or something I could talk to her and she would make me feel better. I also miss her smile. I loved doing things that brought a smile to her face. Anyway, that's it for me.

    -Baby Stanley

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    well, ive never had a mommy but the biggest thing i do miss about having a girlfriend was the diaper changes and not being judged for having one on.... that's what i missed the most

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    Everyone has made good points its hard to pin point one thing to miss. I also realize i miss being loved. Now i am a orphan that no one loves lol

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