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Thread: Out in public.

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    Default Out in public.

    Well in my introduction and another post I made I was kinda nervous being out in public with my diaper. So far I have to say it's been really nice.

    The only problem I have now is I really have to go. Thing is I can't lol. I'm not afraid I will leak just the thought of having to go and being in a diaper scares me lol.

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    just let it flow and don't sit down straight away

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    Hey, relax friend. Everyone has a problem with nervousness at first. Just go around your business (around the house, I mean), and you'll forget you've got it on. It'll get easier with time, and it certainly becomes more 'natural', so to speak

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    Yeah, exactly, depending on the diaper you're using, I wouldn't sit on them immediately after... You have been warned

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    I was a little afraid at first, but no one ever notices. Most people don't think about diapers enough to guess at who is wearing them.

    I doubt you'd have any leaks as long as you stay standing and let it all absorb in. Let it out slowly if it makes you less afraid. Good luck!

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    Just take it slow and easy while your out in public. If you feel the urge to go just pause and let it flow slowly. When it stops
    just resume what your what your doing and no one should not know what happened. It takes time and practice when you're
    out in public wearing. I wear for need and I use mine in public all the time. I have full confidence in my diaper and don't worry
    about leaking.

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    Well an update. I let it go. I was at Home Depot and couldn't take it anymore. I actually found a secluded spot away from people and let it rip. I did it slowly and when I got back home I had to go again. At home it was easy. I guess it wasn't so bad.

    I don't think I'm gonna put another one on right now. It's kinda sad to say that since I didn't have to use a nasty public restroom and I'm still going out again in a few minutes.

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    I so know what your talking about!!! Practice makes perfect!!! sounds like you did good on first try!! The more you do it the more you know what your diaper will hold and the more comfortable you will be!! I pee everywhere now, at the register in line even on the move!! each time you get more comfortable

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    I was nervous when I wore out in public for the first time. I kept looking around and after a while I got more comfortable because I just wear loose fitting clothes and don't draw attention to myself. I don't wear out in public all the time just when I want to.

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    i can relate to pretty much all of you here. when i first wore in public i kinda threw myself in at the deepend so to speak lolz. i wore to the most crowded place i could think of and see if anyone would notice while i was there. they didnt chih changed my whole mindset on the whole people know your wearing thing. it made me realise that actually it was all in my head and that 99% of people really didnt care if iwas wearing or not.

    i am now wearing as much as i want and when i want. i have even gone out playing tennis and cricket while i have been wearing and no one has noticed. either that or they havent said anything and even if they did. it wouldnt bother me coz they dont know if i have a medical condition or not do they. so thats what i would tell them. if they have a problem with it then its there problem and not mien and there not be spending my time with them and then i would leave and look for other people who arnt going to go ape shit on it when actually it really dosnt affect them in the slightest way.

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    Mike, well done on letting go in the Home Depot. Im sure that it will become easier with time.

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