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    Is any one else excited about the new how to train you dragon movie ?? I can't wait. Growl growl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glacero View Post
    Is any one else excited about the new how to train you dragon movie ?? I can't wait. Growl growl
    Yes! Looks like it's gonna be pretty great. Though this post should probably be in the Off Topic section, as it doesn't really have anything to do with AB stuff.

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    True. But to me it does cuz my ab side is going to see it lol

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    Yaaaas. I really enjoyed the first one, and the second one is looking like it'll be great too! :3

    I'm a little sick of seeing the trailer every time I go to the cinemas though.

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    I haven't seen a movie in a few years now, but maybe I'll see this one........
    And, yeah, I'm going diapered to see it, if I do.
    Fun, fun, fun!

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    I always go to movie diapered that way i don't have to leave those large drinks go through a person lol.

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    Loved the first one! Will probably wait until the 2nd is released on Blu-Ray before I see it. Since building a theater room at home, it's hard to justify spending $50 at the movie theater for two people.

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