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Thread: Anyone else stocking up on Tenas?

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    Default Anyone else stocking up on Tenas?

    With this seemingly being the end of the plastic backed Tena Maxi Slip, in my opinion and I'm sure many others as well, who is stocking up to last as long as possible? I still live at home, hopefully moving out in a few years, so until then I'm stashing them in every conceivable place in my closet. I have four cases put away so far, two still in the boxes in the corner of my closet, another lose six bags behind shirts and pants.

    Trying to figure out if I can get a few more bags anywhere….but while I mull that, who else is stocking up before we have to say goodbye?

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    I've got two full cases and most of a third. I think that's as far as I'll go in terms of stocking up. They're not the only thing I wear and I don't wear with enough frequency to worry over when I'll run out of them. I am definitely sorry to see them go and clothlike covers just don't do it for me.

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    Trying some right now. I love how they fit, nice and snug but I will say in this order, the flowing diapers are more functional. Molicare, Bellissimo's, Drycare 24/7.

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    I recently purchased 2 cases. I would get more but don't even had room to store what I have.

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    Doesn't look like I'm going to be getting any. I already have a ton of tena ultra and so does my partner. After I use up what I got of mine I'm going to have to go the next size up. No biggy though. The mediums I have I do make them work out.

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    I love Tena Slip Maxi's and am very sad that they are discontinuing the plastic backed ones. I really wish I could stock up on them but at this moment I don't have any room. I have well over 500 diapers hidden in my room and I still live with other people. Oh and I don't really have any extra money.

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    I never tried them. I like Tena pull-up style and very disappointed that I did not sample the plastic and that it is now gone, but would be weird to stock up when I have not tried them yet.

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    Wish I had the money and space to stock up on the plastic backed one as these were my favourite nappy.

    I've just got some of the cloth backed and they seem to have gone massively downhill.

    Oh well. Time to find something new.

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    I stocked up a little bit. My order of two cases just arrived this week and I have most of another case that I just opened a couple weeks ago. They are my favorite, so I'm going to feel like I need to ration them. I've been using the new Wellness Superio as a nice in between diaper.

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    I'm using every possible space to hide my cases and bags of Tena. I'll open one and replace it as soon as I'm out, for as long as I can. Once my five bags I just ordered get here next week I'm going to order some Abena M4 for the first time to use instead of using my Tenas…gonna have to make them last as long as possible.

    So sad that it's come to this.

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