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    I'm a former bedwetter and diapered at night untill 14y old. From that same age on I growed a fascination for adult diapers, spanking and some babystuff. In my family are some incontinent relatives that provides me with diaper for free (but they don't have a clue! ;-)).

    I hope I can find new idea's, tips and tricks on this forum.
    I love playing Minecraft, thats might be the reason I've choose this username.

    Grtz. Minecraft

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    Welcome to! I'm new here too, long time lurker. Have you ever played Terrafirmacraft? I'd recommend it.

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    Played lots of different versions of MC, but that doesn't ring a bell! ;-) Gonna try it out perhaps in my holiday.

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    Welcome Minecraft!

    My boys play that game a lot. Ps3 with bluetooth headset. I do not mind as long as there is no swearing. My 14/15 year goldsmith don't need to hear that and neither do I.

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    Not to be rude, but shouldn't you be buying your own diapers instead of taking them from relatives, particularly if they have to pay for them? If you have money and a way to get to the store or order diapers online, there's no reason to steal. If you're not incontinent, but they are, they need them a bit more than you do.

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