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Thread: Hello my name is Craig

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    Default Hello my name is Craig

    when i was a kid i had
    Encopresis it was tough going to school and other places people saw my underwear had poop stains on it. and had to bring spares. And i also had to sleep with diapers on too. I had to go to the hospitial 4 times for the clean out with the tube up my nose with the stuff pumping in me to clean me out. Ever since that they told me that my system will be back up alot and in order to go i need to take something to make me go. So all my life i was in diapers to
    Encopresis and now the enuresis becuase of both of those my life has been doctors and diapers.
    Has anybody been through the same or close

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    Hello! Welcome to ADISC from a fellow snivy! I honestly haven't gone through what you been through but I'm positive other members have gone through the same thing. There is a category called incontinent inside the "Diaper Talk" Incontinence where you can discuss your issues. I would like to know what other kinds of stuff you are interested on and/or what else do you do for fun!

    Snivy will do his best to also make sure you are having fun and I hope you feel better I'm sure you will get through this!

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    Welcome to ADISC. I have never gone through anything like that, but I do have some experience from working in healthcare. It doesn't sound very pleasant.

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