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Thread: Immature girls at school

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    More and more immature girls at high school will do their best to stir up some drama and pour it all over you like a bowl of hot water. I'm not saying all girls/women in general just girls at high school. You can not breath for a full minute at that school with "Watch it" or "Your a lying Douche" or "Leave me alone"...there are over 1,000 so I'm not even going to go on.

    My biggest concern is that you have to find your right one and eventually you fight with your true love time to time and it has to be a girl because 1. Gay marriage is banned for certain states and 2. It's a sin but people break sins everyday so it's not common. I love women but they are a pain in the ass from half the time. I hope one day I will find the right one.

    What about those little games they will play like they are your friend but then few seconds later they are your sworn enemy. You might as well have batman as your enemy or worse The Joker because nothing is worse than a women that starts drama and ends it all with a crowd that is turned against you. If you have that staples button I recommend you use it because it will not be easy except to either bail and be a wuss or confront which you will 1. Get trampled by women or 2. Make a girl cry and your the asshole.

    Thank you for reading and I wanted to share this so this is not meant to be a blog.
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    High school girls are like that. You're surrounded by naivety. It gets better once you're out of highschool, people start growing up and letting go of petty shit. The boys can be naive and petty and immature too, its just how highschool works... then you all graduate and start hanging out again as adults and look back and laugh about how dumb everyone was. Thats life, don't read too much into your highschool years because its primarily bullshit city, just enjoy it and let it happen like watching a TV drama, everyone is gonna go their seperate ways in the end.

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    I seen the same thing in high school ( way long ago lol) Most are immature boys and girls alike at that age as i was!! they try to make you feel bad to make them look good, I smoked drank beer and partied in high school and was treaty with no respect for that!! my friends where limited because of that, I dated alot and never felt i had to find the right one asap!!! I had alot of games played on me as i did the same back, I found a perfect match at 30 got married and divorced 7 years later because of odd reasons (ab/dl). we are still best friends and still a pain in the ass to each other!! As far as gay being a sin not in my belief only particular religions believe in that and thats there right to do so as mine to ok gays, I am not gay but maybe someday will choose to be!!! You are young and have plenty of time to find the right person!! Until then enjoy your summer vacation

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    Stop trying. Give up. Focus on other things. Be polite when you encounter them. Observe good personal hygiene. Work hard at your job or college. Have a good time with hopefully interesting hobbies.

    In a few years, they'll have exhausted the pool of loosers and twerps that seem to be naturals and start pursuing you.

    Inadvertently that's how I did it. Got bowled over by a rather beautiful express train. Now been together for 20 years.


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    I've always thought I saved myself some trouble by being too young to date in high school.

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    Girls; there's no living with them, but you can't live without them. With discretion being the better part of valor this chauvinist pig will sign out now, before all the Sheila's rally to the call to arms.

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    Default should have been a high school student during the 60s. We built and raced our hot rods, hanging out at the Hires Root Beer Stand, hot car after hot car driving into the lot, the low rumpa-rumpa sound of 450 hp engines, the smell of crankcase oil, and the girls, now speechless, mesmerized by our sheer machismo. In the background, the steady beat of real rock 'n roll, it's incessant rhythm of 1-2-3-4 now being replayed by bodies on top of bodies, pulsating to the beat in the sofa-like back seat of a '66 Camero SS or a Pontiac GTO. There were no silly giggles or posting to Facebook, only the swoon of ooohbaby, drop it into high gear.

    See what you missed. And I swear this is true.

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    You have said you are on your way to college so forget the past and look forward. Believe me. College girls are not like HS girls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    You have said you are on your way to college so forget the past and look forward. Believe me. College girls are not like HS girls!
    I'd say it depends on the girls, and in some cases the college.

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    Don't let petty drama bother you. It might seem detrimental now, but it's meaningless in the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    the steady beat of real rock 'n roll, it's incessant rhythm of 1-2-3-4 now being replayed by bodies on top of bodies
    Unless it's in 6/8 time. :P

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