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Thread: Being AB ain't cheap.

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    Default Being AB ain't cheap.

    I don't have any AB stuff yet, & I haven't worn in over a year, because I don't wanna sin to get them. Last time I wore, I took them. I'm absolutely sure my mom & stepdad know. Mom thinks I'm cuckoo bananas, & wasn't shy about telling my sister she thought so. My stepdad mentioned it, loudly in front of Yahweh & everybody, because he was mad at me for flipping out about mom putting the washable version of a chux pad on my bed under my sheet. It crinkled terribly, it was kinda pointless, because my bladder muscles normalize when I sleep, I couldn't psychologically side-step it, & it freaked me out! I covered my ears, & tried to drown him out, but I still heard him.

    I have a mattress pad that covers the whole mattress now. What a concept! I can psychologically side-step it by saying, "Of course I have it. Do you like getting sweat, puke, or allergens on your memory foam?"

    They know the IC isn't my fault, & don't make me feel bad every time it happens to me, & since they love me too much to mention my ABhood any further, at least 'til I tick them off again., if they wanna think I'm, they can, especially since I think they might be right.

    Even some of the trauma I experienced in early childhood with my biofamily (I was adopted.) wasn't intentional. They just got frustrated & didn't know it was my CP causing it.

    My Crayola stuff alone will be over $200. I know, I could probably singlehandedly keep the company afloat, but it helps me express myself, so it's really important! I did some pretty dark artwork after my stepdad accused me of bed-wetting. It has happened, but only after I first woke up in the morning, because the spasms started, & weird as it sounds, if I sat up too quickly, or transferred to my wheelchair too fast, I'd pee, but it hasn't happened in at least a year, so why bother?! Go figure. He only accuses me of that, or brings my IC up when he's mad at me because I've hurt his feelings, because he knows it's the 1 sure-fire way to hurt me, & that was before he mentioned my AB side! Yeah, we don't do that; that's not nice!

    I'm probably gonna get 2 different s, one of which lights up! My blankie will cost more because of the plastic beads to weigh it down. Too bad it's best to wait 'til I move out.

    A case of the pull-ups I wanna use is $179.95!, but I'd expect that for the quality of Abena You can imagine what boosters, dry wipes, (The wet ones, even for adults, are too small.) wipe solution, (It's cheaper to make my own.), all-natural ointments, & nullo tablets will cost. I feel bad for full-timers. Oy veh!

    For me, little time is a therapy sesh, learning not to dehydrate 'til I damage my body, asking for help isn't weak, & being too sick or hurt to ask is the scariest thing ever, but it's not deadly, love isn't contingent on clean, dry clothes, that kind of thing. Guess no one can build a TheraPlay space overnight, & surely not for cheap.
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    Well if its a once in a while thing you can buy stuff slowly over time but full timers are full times and its a life style. Its like buying a computer just so you can do some work or buying parts all the time always upgrading and building new pc's cuz thats ur life.

    I personally own my diapers, some cheap dollar pacis and bottles, a onesie and 2 diaper covers. all under 50$, not the diapers thou. Cuz im small i can get smaller and cheaper things so i save a bit.

    btw GUNS UP! M|/

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    aint it the truth. the closet in my little make-shift nursery has at least 3000$ worth of AB stuff i've collected over the years, a lot of which I'm actually selling

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    It'll feel expensive if you want to buy everything right away, but you're right, some footed pajamas, onesies, pacifiers and diapers are very expensive .

    In my country you won't find anything of this, no ABDL stores, and ordering online is not an option because of the insane taxes they add. It sucks, because I am stuck with generic adult diapers, baby diapers & pacifiers that won't quite fit and the inability to buy footed pajamas I want a pair so bad !

    I don't buy too much ABDL stuff, I can't use them regularly, so my supplies are enough for now.

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    In the great scheme of things, its not so bad. Most hobbies get pricey if you get serious about them. Golf for instance. Bicycling isn't bad if you just putz around the neighborhood on a Wallyworld special, but if you race... Racing tubulars run well over $100 each. Competition grade frames are in the $1000's. Game systems, games, gamer quality PC's aren't cheap.

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    I don't find it that expensive. It depends on what you already have and what you get and how often you buy stuff. As for diapers, it depends on if you wear cloth or disposable and how often you wear them and if you choose to use them or not or go number 2 in them and where you do it at. It also depends on how often you use ointment. I don't use it all the time, I only use it when a rash is starting. I use cloth so I am not spending that much on disposables.

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    The amount of money people spend on being an ABDL will vary wildly, and it can be quite a contentious issue. You can spend a tiny amount or a small fortune - it all depends on whether you can afford it and whether you think it's worth it.

    For a lot of people their little sides are a crucial part of their personality and lifestyle. If that's the case then it's not unreasonable for them to spend quite a lot on it. You could compare it to a keen sports fan buying uniforms, flags, memorabilia, tickets and so on.

    Regardless of how much you spend on your little side it's still sensible to try and keep costs down. In my opinion the trick is to save as much as possible on consumables, such as diapers and wipes, but to not 'cheap out' on the non-consumables, such as clothing and toys.

    You can save a surprising amount on consumables by shopping around, going for store brands, using bulk discounts and grabbing special offers. As an example, I like to use Johnsons Baby Powder. It costs twice as much from one chain store as it does from another, despite being the same product.

    However, going for the cheapest non-consumables can be false economy. A footed sleeper from a high street store might not that cost much but will probably wear out quite quickly. On the other hand a custom made sleeper might set you back a lot more but should last for years and years.

    Just don't spend all your pocket money at once!

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    As others have said, you don't need to buy everything at once. Shop sales, buy slowly, budget, and if possible- buy used. When I say buy used, I mean furniture and possibly clothing. Don't buy your diapers used!

    I don't understand why you need a case of Pull-Ups right now. I don't know how many come in a case, but a mega pack of Pull-Ups (~40 or so) runs about $18-20 a package by me. Definitely a lot easier to stomach.

    Shop around and maybe even ask some of the folks on here if they have anything they wish to part with. BTW, thrift stores/charity shops and garage sales can be great for finding toys, games, baby supplies, and much more.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    In the great scheme of things, its not so bad. Most hobbies get pricey if you get serious about them. Golf for instance. Bicycling isn't bad if you just putz around the neighborhood on a Wallyworld special, but if you race... Racing tubulars run well over $100 each. Competition grade frames are in the $1000's. Game systems, games, gamer quality PC's aren't cheap.
    I completely agree with Maxx here. Just comparing my passions alone (which happen to be art and video games) I've sunk about $2500 into those two hobbies alone in just two purchases. So far those purchases have been 1500 about 3 years ago, and 1000 last November. Still expensive!

    Start small, build up over time, barter and trade when possible, and see what you can do/get. I've found many people get AB merchandise as gifts or through exchange (sewn clothing traded for furniture, painting furniture in exchange for diapers and other products). Nothing wrong with trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PearlPinkFloydJam View Post
    I don't understand why you need a case of Pull-Ups right now. I don't know how many come in a case, but a mega pack of Pull-Ups (~40 or so) runs about $18-20 a package by me. Definitely a lot easier to stomach.
    Well, I'm only planning everything out right now. I can't buy until I move out. I'm actually terrified of using them, because diapers were used as threats in childhood. I was mildly IC, even then. Yeah, don't do that to kids. Diapers are just items; don't make them bad. If you do, I fear they'll turn out like me. Now, I don't want it written down, because if I never live on my own, being IC to the point of needing diapers, changes the kind of facility you end up in. I don't see me being put in a home, but I do have CP, & with nosey government agencies thinking they have the right to decide who can live independently, & being given the authority & power to do it, I never know.

    So, I'm doing exposure & response prevention therapy, facing the fear 'til it goes away. Hopefully, it helps, because the things I do just to, "hold it In, & pass for normal, no matter the cost," isn't good for me. It's gonna take completely resetting my system to get a good, "going pattern," back, because I barely drink anything.

    Being diapered should make for easier hospital stays. I sure as heck hope so, because the last time I was catheterized, oh my goodness, I thought they were trying to kill me with that darn tube. These people, who were supposedly professionals, couldn't, "find their landmarks," & had so much trouble, mom had to put the catheter in. Incompetent much? I heard of the doctors getting a catheter stuck in one poor guy's bladder, & there was blood, & permanent damage involved; ouch!

    Concert going & traveling should be a lot easier, too. No way on earth am I ever going in a portapotty. Those things are gross, dude! I remember once, going on family vacation. We paid for a wheelchair accessible room in a swanky hotel. My sis went into the restroom, to wash up, or brush her teeth. I can't remember which. Anyway, I hear her in there laughing her tushy off, so hard, she can barely breathe. Through all of this, I finally understand, "Come check thisout! You've gotta see this!" I go in there with her, & no, I dunno why we girls do that so much, but anyway, I go in, & the only grab bar is behind the toilet! If the sink hadn't been so close to the toilet, I'd have been, "up the creek!" Ever tried using an airplane or motor coach restroom when you can't walk unassisted? That, ladies & gentlemen, is why the parent people think I can't travel on my own!

    I'm a bit too big for Goodnites. You're lucky to still be able to fit in something cute. I need a high capacity pull-up because taped diapers are a pain in the assets, with only one good hand, & I want Abena, because they have no allergens or carcinogens in them. I hear they're super soft & quiet. I love that! There're 120 per case. I'm gonna order some custom temporary tattoos, probably multi-colored musical notes & hearts, that are well shaded, so they look kinda 3D, to cutify them. I refuse to look down & see diapers, rather they pull off & on or not!

    If I could, I'd make my own vitamin A, D, E, zinc oxide, miconazole nitrate ointment, with essential oil fragrances, no parabins or dies, & no non-medicinal chemicals. Do we really need all that stuff on our skin? Yeah, I'm an earth mama; can you tell? Anyone know how to make natural ointment?

    I don't need any furniture. Being stuck in a highchair or crib until daddy got me out would creep me out. Heck, sometimes I hate my wheelchair for the same reason, although, it would be nice to have a daddy I trusted enough not to let the confinement bother me. I don't like the, "behind bars," thing. It would be nice to have a pink race car bed, but it's not a need. I have an adjustable bed, but I need a bigger one, so I don't fall out without the rails on.

    I already have a kaleidoscope app, & a nature sounds app on my iPad. I just need a wall mount, & hello giant bedtime soother. I'm gonna break my shopping list into manageable chunks. I'll make my own 32 oz. Big Body Baby Bottle. The bigger the bottle, the smaller I feel. I'll spend some christmess money on the art stuff, a sun catcher, & maybe my Nuk 6, then wait to get diapering supplies 'til I move. After that comes my weighted blankie, my 16" rainmaker toy, my-light up, & a liquid motion toy.

    I'd like a few OT & PT related things, like exercise balls, & a vestibular swing, because I love to spin. It's like it pushes the reset button on my system. It's my. I also want 1 or 2 exercise mats. Bet I could find all that kind of stuff used. I know it sounds strange, but since physical & occupational therapy were a huge part of my childhood, I love all the bright colors, & it makes me feel Little. Even in big mode, those things are still pretty important, because of my Cerebral Palsy, but those will come after the Little specific stuff.

    Mom almost got me some footed PJs last christmess, but she didn't, because she was afraid when I took it down to go potty, the sleeve would get in potty water! She's done that with hers. No lie, dude. She has a pair, & the nerve to wear them! I wonder if I'm missing the obvious! They're purple with pink hearts & Eeore. She hates pink, but loves Eeore so much, that she puts up with it. She was also worried I'd slip & bust my tushy. The only way I'd ever have any is if I had a Daddy I trusted, because I'd have no choice but to go in a diaper, but I do want a pair.

    Would an outfit like my avatar has, except with a cartoonish banana & brownie sundae, or brightly colored wrapped candies on the front of the shirt, be easy enough to find off the rack, or from Custom Ink, Cafe Press, or Zazzle? I only want 1 custom sleep set, a Winkin, Blinkin', & Nod themed night gown & matching nonslip footed pants, because Winkin' Blinkin' & Nod is the best poem ever! For the rest, hello Junior Girls' department. Lucky for me, I've got a fasisticated style.

    Another reason I wanna move is that Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles, & Yahshua's real birthday; look in gospels,) starts right after this Shabbat, & every time a feast of Yahweh comes, they drive me! They even drag me into easter. I understand they don't want to exclude me, but it's like, "Please, if you let me do Pasach (Passover), I won't exclude you. When The Father created us, he knew we would be party animals. He told us how to worship Him, & how we are to party. I want His approval. Let me celibate His feasts!" Did you know that the man who gave us the KJV paid with his life, because he only used the word church once, to refer to pagan temples, & every other time he used the word,"assembly?" Hanukkah has more to do with Messiah Yahshua (Some spell it Yeshua. Most know Him as jesus.) than most care to know, John 10:22-28. Did you know that at one point, (prior to 1611, I think), the books of Maccabees, where the Hanukkah story is told, were in the KJV? My family insist on the other festival.
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