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    I had the idea recently to make a cloth training pant as close to the look and fit of a disposable one as possible. I'm not thinking of something like a cloth diaper, more like a PUL pant that you would put a pad into. I'm going to explore the possibility of printing designs on white PUL with my plotter so I can make custom designs.

    So I bought some PUL at a local fabric shop and after the lady cutting it was done she asked me what I was using it for. I probably had the least convincing or at least most strange answer to that question. I said " Someone asked me if I could print on it. I'm not sure why they want it printed on." I had already came up with several good uses for the stuff other then diapers. Heck I could have said that I was going to try to print designs on it for a custom umbrella even though my mind went strait to printing on it.

    Anyway I would like to know what everyone thinks about it. I have already made a diaper cover out of latex myself because buying one is way too expensive. But it was very difficult to work with.

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    I sew and am interested in how it works out. Sounds like a great plan. I went to Walmart and bought flannel backed vinyl since I did not find PUL. I have a sheet of it under my sheet on my bed and I made a bed pad out of it by sewing a receiving blanket inside. It is not as comfortable as my ic pad, but it is way cuter. The problem is I folded it over the blanket to help reduce any wicking and so the corners are a little bit stiff and pointed. I guess next time I should round the corners like my ic pad. I also made a diaper type cover with a pocket for a pad. I think it needs leak guards though.

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    I made my 1st prototype too small, fits tight like an actual goodnight would on me but rises higher. The PUL stretches but I tried to make it stretch too far. I got over a yard so I can make a few designs until I make one that works.

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    I bought 2 yards and used one already. I might have to buy a pattern. I like pullups, but my design needs work.

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    I took apart a My Little Pony Pullup to get an idea of how they were made. I took one and soaked it in water then microwaved it to get the glue to release so I could separate the panels. After all the Lycra strands were removed I found out that the body of it was rectangular not fitted like you would assume from looking at them. On my first attempt I did make leak guards just by cutting the body wide and folding the sides in 1 1/2" on each side and sewed them at the top of the front and back. I sewed the outer elastic first with the zigzag stitch that makes multiple stitches per zigzag then the inner. I didn't use anything to hold anything in place besides my fingers and it still came out functional except the fact that I made it too small. I do need to get the elastic tighter but it worked out better then I expected.

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    Version 2 Is still tight but I like it. I used the stretch version of the zigzag this time and used the proper stitch for each item this time and finished all the seams instead of just zigzagging everything. If I had used a spandex for the sides instead of using the stretch of the PUL I think it would be a better fit. I made the leg gathers 3" on each side and pulled the elastic tighter and further up the front and back to get a more secure fit. I also opted for some Velcro to hold the sides to the front which I didn't compensate for when cutting the sides which is why its still tight. Still a few minor problems but I think it was a success. Now to find ink that will stay colorfast on the PUL its 100% synthetic so I'm sure it will need heated before the color will take.

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    Pad adhesive was too strong the PUL de-laminated . Back to the drawing board.

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