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Thread: What is your best & worst diapered experience?

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    Default What is your best & worst diapered experience?

    We all have those experiences while wearing that we just want to relive, & also those we just want to forget ever happened.

    For me, my best experience while wearing was when I wore a goodnite for the first time all day & even wore & used in public for the first time. It was an amazing thrill.

    I haven't had a real bad experience yet, *fingers crossed*

    What were some of your best & worse times while padded?

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    id say my best experience is the first time i wore a bellisimo; which is also the first time i tried something better than depends.

    worst one is...i'd really rather not to say but...long story short, i tried a laxitive once..and severely underestimated the effects. never trying that stuff again.

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    Wearing for the first time was intense to say the least, but telling my girlfriend and good friend and getting a positive respronse in both cases was also a very positive experience.

    Worst experience... overestimating my diaper and having a leak in public. Luckily it was a rainy winter day and already dark so nobody had a change to notice it.

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    Best was the first time back in a cloth diaper
    Worst , nearly getting caught by my mum

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    The best moment for me was when I wore out in public for the first time and I was glad I didn't get caught. It was winter and I have a long coat so that helped. I've never had a bad moment and lets hope I don't get one.

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    All you guys that had great first times are lucky. I'd actually put down the first diaper I wore since I was a toddler as my worst experience. It was a Bambino sample, so the diaper was high quality. But I didn't tape it that well. On top of that, I started out my diapered experience with a very shy bladder, so I wore that diaper bone dry until I had to pee so badly that I basically forced myself to go. Which ended up leaking on my chair because I flooded a poorly taped diaper. So, yeah, first diaper ended up being nearly impossible to use and then I had to spend the end of the evening cleaning my chair and floor, which sucked.

    Best experience is hard to say. I think recently one stands out. I had run out of diapers and my shipment got delayed or...something, so I ended up going about half a month with no diapers. When I got the shipment finally, I had a free weekend and spent the whole time diapered. Lying in bed with a thick, warm wet diaper between my legs and snuggling with my arctic fox plushie was just heavenly.

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    Best experience is easy, stripping down to just a diaper and going on a hike where there was no one around. Love doing that, but the first time was awesome. Worst experience is really just pushing a good night too far and soaking pants so bad anyone could notice. I now use the restroom some on days when I need to go a lot to regulate this from happened and to save cost of changing during the day.

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    Best was probably the first time I ever wore training pants... which was just last month. I slept in them and had what seemed to be multiple diaper dreams.

    Worst was likely the first and only time I tried a Bambino. My mother was just on the other side of my bedroom wall as I attempted to tape on the garment that seemed to crinkle oh so loudly. It was too big; I couldn't get it taped snug enough, and worst of all, the plastic backing made my butt sweat like hell.

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    I think my best so far has been having enough time to enjoy a diaper to its fullest- Starting dry early in the morning, and finishing off full messy and wet at night. Its the little things.

    The worst has to be like many others- having a wet leaking diaper at any point and time, usually near the end of the day when I don't want to deal with any kind of clean-up process.

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    Best would be wearing while driving back to college, which is an 8 hour drive. Got padded in a nice depend with a goodnite stuffer. Nice and comfy, plus inexpensive.

    Worse would be one of two experiences. First one would be skiing in a goodnite and with the combo of getting wet from the snow and falling, and the diaper leaking. Second experience would be when I messed a cheap store brand goodnite diaper at a rest stop. It was my last one and didn't have normal underwear around. I messed on accident and had to go buy some more underwear. Only problem was that I used a LOT of my diaper up. I smelled and had a bad diaper waddle.

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