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Thread: Has anyone heard of Honest Baby Diapers?

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    Default Has anyone heard of Honest Baby Diapers?

    Has anyone heard of them? I saw a commercial for them on tv last night and the designs they showed looked cute so I looked them up.

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    I never heard of them, but you're right, those are cute designs. I like the skulls!

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    I didn't know they had ads! I remember finding their Dino ones on eBay and wanting them just to collect but looking at the others they seem very bland! I still love the Dino's but we need more diapers with that kind of printing!

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    I have heard of them
    that's a company started by actress Jessica Alba
    I believe that most of their products are cloth diapers and related items

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    I've several times come close to ordering a pack just to see how they're made. The prints are pretty cute and colorful.

    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    I never heard of them, but you're right, those are cute designs. I like the skulls!
    Heheh. For some reason, skulls just throw me off my diaper-groove. As far as black-and-white diaper prints go, I do like the CoolDiaps zebra print. Pity that the CoolDiaps are so much smaller, though.

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    I would like to inform everyone to know if you buy a sample with this company ,they will not only automatically sign you up for a 79 dollar pack to be shipped to your house every month, but the only way to cancel it is by calling them on the phone.

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    I have and actually not long ago they didnt have the newer cute designs!!! They started as a biodegradable save the earth no chemical very expensive diaper for the rich i would guess!!! Times must be changing for them to survive!!!

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    They are super super nice diapers. We got a set for our kid but discontinued because they were so expensive. But performance was awesome and the designs were really cute. Highly recommended.

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