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Thread: Just bought a bad of Abena Premium M4s, what am I up against?

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    Default Just bought a bad of Abena Premium M4s, what am I up against?

    Is there anything specific that I should know about the diaper? Any tips?

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    Well, before you open the bag, you should close all windows and maybe lock the door to your room. I don't want to scare you at this point, but there have been reports of Abenas violently wrapping around peoples behinds.



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    That is too funny. I never tried those, but they sound exciting. Of course nothing can beat my Gerber soft cloth diapers I like to wear to bed.

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    I have to say is prepare to be amazed.

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    Not the absolute thickest or absorbent diaper out there, and its institutional print is attractive to some, accepted by most, and hated by those seeking a neutral white or a "babyish" diaper. It is unquestionably the best-designed, best-fitting, best-made, and best-functioning diaper out there. Enjoy ;-)

    Sent from my laptop, whilst wearing an M-4.

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    I ordered some last week and I have to wait 3 more days. I was told they are nice and thick plus absorbent but mildly discreet when you wet them.

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    In my opinion they are by far the best diaper (that I have tried). I love them. They fit great, I actually like the look, they are nice and thick, and best of all they are highly absorbent.

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    Please tell us what you think of them if you decide to get them, i have wanted to try them for years

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