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Thread: Okay, so creative hiding places anyone?

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    Cool Okay, so creative hiding places anyone?

    So, we have all heard the tales of unsuspecting parents finding ABDL things due to poor hiding places (and yes, I do mean suitcases and drawers), so I was wondering about your hiding places? I like the really creative ones. For example, you know those IKEA bookcases that have a fake board on the front but the bottom of the cases is hollow? I think they're called BILLY or something. Anyway, I've used those to stash my stuff, then put the bookcase against the wall. I don't think anyone would just think of moving the bookcase, so I think I'm good What about your hiding place?

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    After getting caught on three separate occasions, I'd say I've become pretty prone to hiding them at this point. There are plenty of generic places, but if you want creative, rotating between spots is a good idea. Pick two or three solid hiding spots, like in the back part of a closet or in a corner underneath your bed, hide a small stash in one place for a while, and then move it when it either becomes a risky location or you think cycling through the spots will make it more secure. Then there's something I tried out a while back. It's not really great for big stashes, but if you're hiding three or four diapers at a time, keeping them in a bag that you always have with you is pretty safe, as long as you know that you'll be the one holding and moving the bag at all times. For someone who carries a messenger bag around at most times, like myself, this can work pretty well, since there's no chance of anyone stumbling upon your small stash at home when you're on the go.

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    Hmm the most creative spot I hid any was in the back of my amplifier. A small hole in the bottom of a fake (meaning no real springs) box spring also works well.

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    Inside a couch (make an opening in the cloth cover underneath that you can reseal. Other spot was inside a subwoofer. Basically it's a big box with a speaker in it. Remove the speaker and you have a big empty box. So pull the speaker, stash ur stuff, replace speaker.

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    if you can hide it in plain sight that's good, but i try and hide stuff where it's also inconvenient.
    if its a pain for me to get to, then somebody stumbling across it is very unlikely; and so i can endulge without having to go through that hastle everytime, i have a more convenient place that fits 1-2 diapers.

    granted, i do hide baby powder in plain sight; found that an athlete's foot powder bottle is perfect for the job.

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    I think that even though you may live alone (as I do), you still have to fear being discovered. What I mean is that if I passed away (sorry for being morbid) or get into an accident and end up unable to care for myself, my 'stuff' would be discovered. So, you need a hiding place that doesn't depend on you being around to keep it a secret.

    So, I came up with, what I thought, was a brilliant idea ;-) I separate my trash (which is clean) from my garbage. I figured that I would put my 'stuff' in a plastic bag and hide it at the bottom of the trash can. My thought was that if something happened to me, my 'stuff' would go out with the trash. Nobody would be the wiser.

    Well, (I bet you can see this coming) I forgot to remove my 'stuff' one trash day and yikes, all my stuff was gone with the trash, several hundred dollars worth. Hmmm, but I still think it's a brilliant ideas ;-)

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