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Thread: I need help identifying a "WW2?" pin given to me.

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    Default I need help identifying a "WW2?" pin given to me.

    This was given to me by a guy who said that it was WW2 issue. I found a image online but cannot seem to find any info.

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    Protip: In Chrome, right-click the image and choose "Search Google for this image"

    Anyway, it appears to be a Space Operations insignia from Star Trek.

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    With out looking it up the "arrowhead" is Star trek.

    Then when I saw AEsahaettr post I was right.

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    The funny part of this is what people give you because they do not know what they are.

    I collect coins and have gotten stuff in "the cull" bin for 10 cents.

    Then have a heck of a time identifying them. It took a lot of work and two of my "culls" are coins that are good to fair grade (readable and identifiable but not in mint condition) and they turned out to be coins worth $35.

    So as they say one mans trash is another mans treasure.

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    According to wikipedia, the lower part of the badge looks like the now obsolete Space Operations badge.

    File:USAF - Occupational Badge - Space and Missile.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The top part with the star and laurels looks like it denotes rank:

    File:Seniormaster.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Just had another look. Here you go:

    Space and Missile Badge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oops, you beat me to it :3

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    Ok I was wrong, but then again trekies will take credit for almost anything if it looks close to the arrow insignia.

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    It's not WWII era. More like from the early 60's for some of the missile troops. It was probably one for a certain missile squadron.
    Normally each squadron in the Air Force had their own insignia.

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