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    Default Hello all

    First mistake, i spelled my name wrong lol, hahah its meant to be mightyme what what ever. I'm new to this site, but been a lurker for a while, so i'm not really all that new.
    To sum me up in a few words, i live in Birmingham, love a variety of sports and film.
    Aside from that there isn't all that much to tell. I suppose i like thinks short and sweet hope to talk to you all later

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    Welcome Mighty Me! So glad you are finally joining us. Anything on your mind that we can help you with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgihtyme View Post
    First mistake, i spelled my name wrong lol, hahah its meant to be mightyme.
    First of all,welcome to the forums!

    Just so you know, it is possible for you to change your username through your profile settings.

    I am also interested in films and have an ever growing collection of DVDs. Do you have a favourite film? What genre do tend to prefer?

    You also said that you are interested in sports. Any sports in particular? I enjoy running and playing squash but confess to not be overly interested in team sports.

    You could also let us know a little about what brought you here in the first place and what it is that you would want/expect from the forums. It will help us to get to know you a little better.


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    I think my favorite films are either there will be blood, united 93 or any Kubrick film. As for sports i enjoy football. And thanks for the name change option Facinating

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    Very interesting name I made mine up a while ago and I absolutely adore it. I hope you feel welcomed.

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