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Thread: Ordering from Save Express (UK)

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    Default Ordering from Save Express (UK)

    I'm looking to order some plastic Abena M4's from Save Express -

    Abri Form M4 xPlus medium ,Slip,weiss ,, FOLIE 14er Packung | Abri Slip Packung/bag | Abena Slips+Flex Pants | Windeln+Pants -diapers | Inkontinenz Einweg-disposable | Save Express GmbH

    Can anyone share they're experience of ordering from Save Express to UK? How is it delivered? By royal mail or courier? How long does the package usually take to come?


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    Yeah I've ordered m4s from them to the UK.
    They only have courier options I think so ended up being shipped UPS and package arrived within 2 days to Northern Scotland, quite a surprise! But yeah you'll get all the shipping/tracking stuff as well but some may be in German.

    Otherwise I'd say it was a great service with the stuff arriving in a very discreet plain box with the nappies well wrapped inside, will definitely order with them again.

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    You get to choose the shipping method, I usually go for DHL as it is cheapest. You also get to choose a plain box or a reused diaper box, whatever you want.

    Orders always arrive within 48 hours, and are well packed with a proper invoice of your order included.

    Top service.

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    oh neat... i was skeptical about this site and now i see it's trustworthy... that's nice to hear

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    I've used them pretty much exclusively for almost 8 years now. Their prices are pretty much the cheapest I've found, Customer service has always been good, and delivery to Denmark is usually between 2 and 3 days.

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    That's great, thanks very much for the replies. I now have piece of mind to order

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    I have also ordered from many times before. Never a problem.
    Shipping to Sweden is 2-3 days.

    Also for you that was worried ordering when there was no SSL encryption, that all seems fixed now.
    All safe and secure.

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    Wow, I just ordered 3 cases of L4s and was expecting to wait a week or so for them... Really pleased to hear that probably won't be the case!

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    I always order from them, they have a great variety, and very reasonable prices too, and the packaging never advertises what's inside! Shame there is nothing like this site in the UK, save so much on shipping costs, which is always a downer! But other than that great site, can't wait till I get paid going to make a big order with them.

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    Everyone answering is so knowledgeable if I can jump on board here. Can you pay with English money? I've not used them yet but was worried I'd have to set up a euros account.

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