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    Hi I'm UsagiOmutsu,
    I have been interested in diapers for about as long as I can remember. When i was young I used to dream about wearing them. I had a hard time with potty training and used to tell my mom if my younger sister could wear them I could too. My sister is a little over a year younger then me and I was potty trained by age 4. I don't think there was ever a time when, somewhere in the back of my mind, diapers didn't spark my imagination.

    I am a machinist by trade and work in the vinyl siding industry. I'm interested in almost anything technical. My favorite subjects in school were science and math but I also enjoyed art and music. I love tinkering with things and have always wanted to know how things work. I dabble in electronics and computers. I'm somewhat of a gamer, more then casual but less then hard core.

    I watch quite a bit of anime. I prefer anime like Ghost in the shell and Psycopass but I find it hard to find an anime I don't enjoy.

    I could go on but I already feel like I'm writing an autobiography

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    Hi and welcome. That was a nice introduction, don't worry about it being too long.

    I see you have yourself listed as a diaperfur. Do you have a fursona?

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    I haven't put much thought into it but i would have to say I'm leaning toward a White rabbit. Kinda because one of my friends gave me the nickname rabbit in high school and it kinda stuck.

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    Welcome White Rabbit! I have some rabbit pellets here you might like. Jk hope you enjoy ADISC ad much as I do.

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