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Thread: Diapers for stuffed animals

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    Default Diapers for stuffed animals

    Does anybody know of somewhere that sells stuffed animal accessories, one of them being cloth diapers for your stuffed animal?
    I doubt that anybody does that, but I'm curious to see if anybody has found such a thing.

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    I guess it would be hard to get that especially made for plushies, except if it's a version that comes along with diapers already. ^_-

    Anyway, depending on how big your plushie is, why not simply go for baby nappies or nappies especially made for dolls?
    You can get them in a big variety up to a very small size, like them: amazon - 5 pack baby doll diapers

    And if necessary just cut a hole into them for the tail.

    Although I can't find cloth diapers right now... however there are also a lot of guides around on how to make one easily. As example: Doll Diaper TUTORIAL

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    He is a small plush tiger, he has to wear something even smaller than a size 1 baby diaper, but in the past i'v just used a size 1. I have looked at trying doll diapers.

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    My avatar is suitably diapered with cloth. I just use one regular, like 20" X 20" cloth diaper folded a couple times into a shape that works. This way it is also nice and puffy. And I find you can still buy newborn size plastic pants that will fit the bigger plushies like my bear.


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