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Thread: American view of europe

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    Default American view of europe

    Many europeens have strong opinions about USA, especially after Bush got elected. Many, the majority to the left when it comes to politics, sees US as one of the largest threat today (along with other "bad" states"). No matter what I feel, I still see that many have quite a bit prejudice against you. But how does americans view "Europe"? ( And by Europe, i think of what many americans define Europe as, england, france, germany, holland (amsterdam), italy ( and ofcourse norway) Does you regards europe as some liberal, anti-war idiots? A good place to smoke pot (amsterdam)? And do some of you still dislike France about the Iraqi war? You know, stuff like that.
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    Well I think that British people are weird, I think the French can't make a decent product to save their lives and Germany rules!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Marley View Post
    Does you regards europe as some liberal, anti-war idiots? ... And do some of you still dislike France about the Iraqi war?
    Not at all. Not all Americans are conservative nutjobs who hate France and love war. The only thing I don't like about Europe: the people who think all Americans are like this, before giving them a chance. (Does not apply to those who hate Ugly Americans.)

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    I hate Europeans that hate my Country. I don't hate you, don't hate me. Think about it this way, I don't hate any of the countries in the middle east, I hate the Extremists/terrorists within those countries, which sometimes is the government.

    If you hate the USA, I hate you.

    You Euro's seem to be OK guys, I don't really know enough about you but everyone on this site is just fine, I've never been to Europe sadly. I can't judge you guys yet.

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    What I think about Europe as a whole is Indifferent.

    What I think about each different country in Europe varies however.

    I Don't mind the UK, though I can't agree with them banning guns. I saw a tape of two police officers getting their ass kicked by a gang of soccer hooligans. Thankfully the cops dint have guns so they got their asses kicked. I am not saying it's good the cops got their asses kicked and had to call for backup. I am just making a point that maybe if they had guns it would of been less likely to happen.

    Germany I don't really mind, they seam to be keeping to themselves and they are handling their own problems pretty damn well from the looks.

    France, well hell if they hate America/American's so much then I see no reason to do anything for them.

    every other country I am indifferent towards, nor do I know a lot about what they are doing.

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    One thing that strikes me about Europeans (Britons included) is how quickly they will dismiss racism as some barbaric relic of their past then in the same breath glibly slag off the Americans or indeed their own next door neighbours with sweeping generalizations.
    Europe is steeped in a history of war and (very little) peace that the whole world could learn lessons from, but it's less united than the states of America and as such spends a lot of time arguing with itself.

    Dammit, I've forgotten what it is I was trying to say - I think I was trying to make plaintive cry of "why can't everyone get along and understand each other?" (and try and work out why 'hate' is such a bad idea?)

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    I wish we could do some of the things that the EU has done, but I'm fairly happy with the way things are in America. I hate Europe because all of these cool people are there and I have to spend lots of money to go see them. Stupid water.

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    Do you REALLY want to know what America thinks about Europe? I don't think you do.

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    I love how we can put this notion of "Europe" into a nicely sized box.

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