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    I don't know if this has been done or not, but I came up with the idea on another abdl forum. What if we developed a wikipedia type wiki that had useful information about being AB/DL and how we come to terms with it in our lives. It could initially be based off some concepts from the useful understanding infantilism website, but since it would be more open and easily editable, a lot more expansive. It could share people's stories of how they got to acceptance, tips, concepts, maybe ab/dl history, etc. Basically another site that isn't just full of creepers and porn/stories/erotica.

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    I like the idea of it. Seems like there are pages like that out there but they don't seem to be managed at all (which is one thing to consider when creating it). They also don't go into the details that yours plans to do. I'd enjoy a site like the one you imagine.

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    There used to be an ADISC wiki section, but I think it got removed in favour of the articles system.

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    As CGH pointed out, we did have a Wiki system, but it proved that only a small number of people added content to it sparingly. It also lacked quality. It would of worked but it seemed to lack the critical mass of memebers using the system.

    The forum had software to create articals, and these were used instead. The system used to be there was an articals mod who was essentially an editor. They would see what would be published, what wouldn't, give ideas about articals to write about. If you had your own idea, discuss with them and see if they allowed it.

    There was some issues about people not owning or in control of their own work. Some people weren't open to that idea, which defeats half the point of a wiki in that any one can openly edit work of others. So an artical was written by one person and gave them more control.

    This central artical mod had two main points, one was quality control, only publish well written works, the other was to reward/incentive. There used to be rep bounties on the topic.

    That said, I id tried to look for it recently, can't find them, nor do i know who the artical moderator is now, if we still have one.


    Ah, found it, they moved it to a it's own forum/board. At time of writing fruitkitty is the content editor. I beleive he has been doing it since the artical system first had a mod.

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    I do agree with some of the points. Also a worry would be vandalism as well. I used to work on a mythology/religion wiki that has since died. It was mostly the work of me and another, once I got a normal job in college, I could no longer focus as much as I used to. It's always a challenge to develop a wiki into something people actually want to work. Even with the amount of people adisc has, its sad that it didn't succeed. Just for a quick check, I found that wikia even has an abdl one, but appears to be pretty dead and the work of pretty much just one person. AB/DL Wiki if your curious. One thing I worry about using a site like that, is at what point do they act like youtube and start deciding they don't like the content and flush it all down the drain in one quick click.

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    I have to say I am all for this idea. As has already been mentioned, it would have to be well managed and have at least a few dedicated (authors?) members so that it ends up more informative than the one that is currently out there. That point contributed, I would be really excited to see a well-thought-out, from-our-perspective wiki about this as it has the chance to give our (mostly)unfiltered side of the story. I can see it being something that allows others who are kinda new to the concept to see that a)we are not all freaks or psychologically damaged, and b)that we really are all different people who have had different experiences through life but share a commonality in ab/dl-ism. Honestly, I could go on and on about how much I would love this (if done right), but I may end up talking in circles so i'm gonna end it right here haha

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    As others have pointed out, ADISC had a wiki at one point. It seemed that people were hesitant to invest substantial individual work without a byline or the hope of being more than a secondary wiki. This hesitance circularly increased the individual investment needed for good content, further reducing the editor pool. However, I could be wrong. Of course, as the population grows, an ABDL-specific wiki might become viable.

    As for Understanding Infantilism.Org, I've been giving some thought to a hybrid approach. It will probably be a learning experience, but has potential. It would be progressively implemented, starting with a few pages and growing as appropriate. Email me if you are interested.

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    A hybrid approach would make some sense. It could allow content to be easily added by contributors, then as different articles become more refined and high quality, it could become an article that could be in a more official place. The main issue I am addressing would be the lack of a free form and easy contribution. I suppose adisc chose to curate mostly from high quality forum postings to turn them into articles, which works too. Personally, I am quite fond of wiki-like contributions and the ability to polish things and get them to become high quality through many hands working on it than just a few.

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    Interesting concept, and I firmly believe that serious ABDL's should start more serious ABDL sites, to make for a stronger presence on the web, seeing as ADISC is one of the few ABDL sites that I know of, if not the only one, that wasn't created as a porn site, or a talk about everything spawning a 'do you enjoy wetting your diapers' thread 1000 times. If more serious websites were created, it would make for a better understanding and perhaps even emotional support to ABDL's. I think we should balance things out, because most of the websites out there are ran by hormonal teens or late teens that are only interested in the worthless topics mentioned above, which doesn't exactly make us look good...

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