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Thread: Where to hide 160 diapers?

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    Default Where to hide 160 diapers?

    So like the title says, I need help thinking of ways to hide 160 diapers as I still live at home. 70 Molicare Super Plus & 90 Tranquility ATN.

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    That really depends on your level of personal and private storage space. Without any of that info, it's hard to say. Generally I'd say jam them into a corner of your closet, with a mountain of other stuff piled on top of it to make it look normal, or in some other spacey area that's not really checked often. Otherwise, you might have to ditch some of them for safety's sake.

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    If your planning on going off to college at some point, see if you can justify getting a locking trunk. I have two locking trunks in my apartment that keep most of my diapering materials.

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    My car generally isn't shared by anyone, so the trunk is great, inside a duffel bag.

    Otherwise, i'm the queen of worst hiding spots, yet no one has looked under my bed at the cases of diapers!

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    Maybe store some in a corner like Natsu said, and put other ones under your dresser drawers if you have space their. Maybe hide some in a box...

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    160? really? that's so many to hide..... maybe you could fill up a huge bean bag lol.... who would suspect they were sitting on a huge bag of diapers hahaha.

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    When I was younger and still living at home, I did use bean bags to hide diapers. Also I would hide them under legos, I had this huge plastic washbasin that was filled with them. I could easily hide like 10 diapers under the legos.

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    Maybe it might be too many to try and hide. Hmm.

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    When I used to lived at home. I hide my diapers under the bed. I had a nice bed skirt so no one would look under it. The cat would be under there sometimes when I was not home. When I came home the cat would run from under my bed and jump on top of my bed. But I double check to see if any of my diapers have been moved or not. The best thing for me was a file cabinet. It had a nice lock. Then I sold it for extra money for more diapers. I knew I need something quick to hide my diapers. So I bought a Rubbermaid 54 Gallon Hi-Top Tote. It worked and I was able to put all of my diapers into it. I made a small lock. So no one would miss with it. The whole thing cost about 18 dollars. But the file cabinet was the way to go. More secure for my diapers. But it cost me 125 dollars for it. So I sold it for more diapers.

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    I just hide all of my diapers in one of my desk cabinets. It's very large and can easily fit that many diapers in it. Though it's not so much of a secret hiding place, more of a place no one would look in in the first place. No one enters my room.

    160 diapers, you lucky guy.

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