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Thread: Specific Members on ADISC -Close Thread Please-

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    Default Specific Members on ADISC -Close Thread Please-

    I think I made two arch enemies and I'm a pokemon! I don't want to be hated. I send out two Pm's to people that might have some kind of beef with me and I asked to start over. This isn't meant for a blog is is personal to people asking to make as many friends as possible and try not to make enemies up here. Small lesson in life. I will not post the names of the people that hate me their names will remain anonymous. Thank you for reading.
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    You joined this month. If you've been horrible enough to make two arch enemies you'd likely have been negrepped into oblivion by now.

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    I've been very friendly and made tons of friends but apparently it's 1 arch-enemy so one person isn't going to ruin my life. -_-

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    I wouldn;t think that one person on an internet forum could possible be an arch enemy.
    I'm sure not everyone on ADISC is with me 100% on everything I say ... but I'm definitely not about to make forums about that ideology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEsahaettr View Post
    You joined this month. If you've been horrible enough to make two arch enemies you'd likely have been negrepped into oblivion by now.
    Very true, and I keep getting neutral reps for different reasons.

    Two things:

    1) Q-tip = Quit taking it personal

    2) remember Ricky Nelsons Song about the "Garden Party"

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    I have no idea what this is about, but hang in there Snivy, things can get pretty heated up here from time to time. For what it's worth, I think your posts have brought a lot of fun to Adisc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    I've been very friendly and made tons of friends but apparently it's 1 arch-enemy so one person isn't going to ruin my life. -_-
    As someone once said to me, I now will say to you. No regrets, life is too short for regrets.

    An other great orator once said......I had a few drinks before speaking, You can't please all the people all the time so why the hell bother trying, just concentrate on being true to yourself.

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    I didn't think anyone could have an arch enemy on this site. You may find a person or two who doesn't agree with you, but I doesn't go much beyond that. I've read your threads and posts and I certainly don't have a problem with you. Sometimes it just takes a while to learn how to say things that at least give you an exit, a way to regain poetic composure. Personally, I enjoy you and your writing. Hang in there.

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    lol thanks and what I meant by arch enemy is following me post by post and having something smart to say about me. Basically I just dust it off my shoulder and he keeps it up I let my favorite cow handle it ^^

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    Arch enemies?! You feel hated?! On ADISC?!

    I haven't seen the threads/posts you're talking about, but suuuuuurely you're mistaken?! It's all hugs and cuddles here, innit?!

    I used to feel perpetually anxious and judged by everyone. I hated myself because I wanted to appear to be "perfect" to everyone... And that meant living a kind of split-personality life where I didn't really know who I was or what I wanted and (not being much of a mind-reader) perpetually felt bad when I didn't do the "right" thing (i.e. the thing that would please other people the most).

    My psychotherapist mentioned something about the "locus of evaluation". How do you "evaluate" yourself... What makes you feel good about yourself? What makes you feel bad? My lack of trust in myself led to some pretty severe social anxiety that I'm still wading through.

    Humanising Psychiatry and Mental Health Care: The Challenge of the Person ... - Rachel Freeth - Google Books
    Social anxiety - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You can't let what others say get you down. Only you can decide how to live your life; what is fair, just, honest, true, etc. It's good to reflect, but having done so (and concluded that you were right all along!) it's not healthy to ruminate and analyse your actions over-and-over again to work out how you could have avoided ALL criticism. You can't please all the people all the time. And a big part of life (for me, at least) is learning to cope with other people's opinions and in trusting MY OWN judgement about what is "right". Be proud of your values and choices! It's who you are!

    If lots of different people keep telling you exactly the same thing, then maybe there's something you're doing that annoys people. But if there's a minority of people who simply disagree with you (no matter how strongly), then good! You're probably doing your job as a normal and reasonable person! People should disagree some (or even a lot) of the time -- everyone's different and has different ideas. I've learnt a lot from people who think differently from me -- even when I still disagree with them! It's interesting to see how other people think (even slightly crazy people!).

    Never forget that some people might follow you around and criticise you... Not because you're doing anything they disagree with, but because, by pointing out everything (that THEY think) you're doing wrong, they can feel better about themselves. The more they shout about others, the less attention they get... and since they usually have some major issue with self-esteem, bringing everyone else down is the only way that can ever feel equal (and maybe a little superior) to you. But it's all a sham! People like that have serious psychological "issues". But they aren't YOUR issues! So ignore them, and skip and dance around and show them how little you care what they think!

    In the words of Peter Tosh, "All you got to do: live clean; let your works be seen! Stand firm or go feed worm!"

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