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Thread: 3D printed pacifiers, part 2

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    Default 3D printed pacifiers, part 2

    Hello everyone!

    You might remember my thread from a while ago. In short, I made my own pacifiers using a 3d printer.

    Now I have some bad news and some good news.

    First, I decided that I don't want to start a business and sell these pacifiers. In my current situation, and looking at the time I'd have to spent on it and the risks I couldn't avoid, it would not be a wise decision. The problem is that it's not possible to make parts that are food safe.

    However, I'm willing to contact some companies which could produce food safe parts in small numbers. If I get an offer at a reasonable price, I might organize some kind of bulk order.

    For now, I have decided to release the 3d models I'm using. You can download them here. Feel free to use them, as long as it stays non-commercial.

    I will try to give more background information and answer the remaining questions from the old thread soon. I'm sorry that I always keep you waiting so long, but there's some other stuff on my priority list.

    - CraftingGuy

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    As promised, some background information.

    Quote Originally Posted by prettybaby View Post
    My only concern was one someone already mentioned: If the plastic used is "food safe"
    My research showed that it's not enough to use a safe material. You also need a 100% smooth surface, else bacteria might grow. 3d printing never produces a smooth surface though, so even if you use food safe plastics you can't claim the final product is food safe. See PLA and ABS vs food safety? for some photos.

    That's why I am looking for other ways to make those parts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kif View Post
    you could get it injection-molded (either on your own with an used machine, or through somebody else that does small runs--designing the mold to have no defects may be challenging).

    The thing that got me hesitant about doing a business is that there may be health regulations and stuff. You have to use the correct plastic (no leaching, must be heat-resistant for sanitation purposes), and you probably have to tension-test to make sure the teat is properly installed on the shield. Of course, I'm willing to be there are ways around selling it as a novelty toy, maybe?
    Classic injection molding uses molds made of metal. AFAIK those are quite expensive, so you can't really use them for small numbers. Vacuum casting, which uses silicone molds, might be an alternative. And there are some other methods primarily used for prototypes and small scale production.

    I'm still looking for the perfect solution though: a safe material, high quality surface, the option to use different colors, and a reasonable price.

    On health regulations: If you want to sell a product in the EU you have to consider a couple of directives and norms (and in the first place, you have to find all the relevant ones). For example, pacifiers are covered by the EN 1400. However, it defines them as an article for children, so adult pacifiers might not fall in that category... However, there are more general product safety and material guidelines etc.
    Apart from that, as the manufacturer I'd be liable for all possible damages my product could cause, even if I'm not at fault.

    Stuff like this is why I don't want to start a business. You can spent many hours trying to find all the regulations and trying to comply with them, but in the end you'll have to take a risk. IMHO the money I'd expect to earn doesn't compensate for that. Or in other words, if I wanted to earn money there would be easier and safer ways for me.

    But since I like the challenge and I could make some people happy, I'm thinking about producing these pacifiers and selling them for no profit. If it's not commercial, I don't have to start a business and I can avoid most of the risks. But as I said, I still have to find a company that offers what I want. So don't expect anything to happen within the next month.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronbeast View Post
    I'm just genuinely curious about 3d printing. About how much does a 3d printer cost? Is it hard to design the models?
    I paid around 750 for my printer. I built it myself, and it took quite some time to get everything working.
    I never made 3d models before, so that wasn't too easy either.

    All in all, from the first idea to the current models, more than a year has passed.

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