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    Has any else ever had a wet dream while wearing either a nappy or plastic pants. I remember one night I had a wet dream in my plastic pants, I had a pair of undies on under my plastic pants. A memory that is engrained in my mind

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    I was naked for a DL fantasy the night of my first ever wet dream. Yuck!

    In just about every wet dream I ever had where I remembered the dream, the dream was DL oriented.

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    The last one was over 50 years ago while I was in the service. Was wearing either GI boxers or jockey's but don't
    remember on that.

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    I haven't and I can't say that I hope to. The few wet dreams that I had were unpleasant above and beyond just waking up wet and sticky, more along the lines of being awakened while sleepwalking. Wearing diapers wouldn't do anything to make that more pleasant, although I guess it would make for easier cleanup. I'd just prefer to never have another one.

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    Once, when I was a teenage bedwetter wearing a cloth diaper. Yeccchhh.

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    just about every one ive had delt with diapers or sex

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