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Thread: "How It's Made" - Diapers

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    Default "How It's Made" - Diapers

    Found this on youtube, I watch this show often and to be honest I actualy sent one of those requests in, wonder if they finally got it?

    YouTube - How it's made - Disposable Diapers

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    It seems so easy! Anyone have some of those shiny machines to play with?

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    "De-bulking machine"

    ...the person who invented that should be shot.

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    I always hit info on all How It's Made shows to see if this would be on there. Female Narrator makes me sad though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h200420012 View Post
    "De-bulking machine"
    ...the person who invented that should be shot.
    Second that.

    But don't worry, probably the guys at Abena forgot to buy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VR Wolf View Post
    Im curious though, anyone know what brand of diapers these are?

    They might just be a generic brand if you didn't see the packages in the show...They don't have name brands that often

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