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Thread: Thinnest and most descreet diaper

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    Default Thinnest and most descreet diaper

    Hello everyone,

    i'm more a lurker than a poster, but today i'm a bit curious.

    I tried alot of brands and models of diapers, but i still cannot find the most discreet and quiet (also thinner) diaper out there.

    I'm looking to wear under clothes during the day and i cannot get more baggy trousers.

    Have you any suggestions?

    I don't use my diapers other than an occasional conscious wetting, so capacity ain't a problem. I live in Europe so count that into suggestions.

    Thanks in advance to whom will reply

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    I would say the thinnest diaper I know if is Tena Slip Maxis. If capacity is not a problem though and you just want something to wear you could probably just pick up some cheap store brands, they are usually pretty thin.

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    My vote goes for the attends. Plastic backed with cloth sides. Boots in the UK also sell them under their own brand as well.

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    Tena Slip Maxi might get a bit bigger though when wet, they do have a tendency to expand. They are fairly discreet under something like blue jeans, I doubt they would be under something like sweat pants or the like. I don't know if they are available in Europe, but we have the FitRight brand here by Medline. They are quite comfortable and pretty quiet. Before I switched from wearing and wetting occasionally 24/7 to wetting 24/7, they were a diaper I wore often. If they made them more absorbent, I'd probably wear them almost all the time. You could try the lower end versions of Abenas, they don't seem to be too noisy. I have some M3s that are the air comfort ones that sometimes I wear under shorts without any noise. M2 or M1 would probably be even better bulk-wise.

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    My suggestion would be Unique Wellness Superio. They are quite thin dry, the plastic is actuality pretty quiet. I have worn them in public quite a bit. Under normal clothing such as jeans or nonathletic shorts with cotton boxer briefs they are unnoticeable. Because they are super absorbent and have the best leak guards of any diaper I have tried, I have full confidence wetting them in public situations. They do become less discrete the more you wet them. Another I have tried recently is Tens Slip Basic Super, not as absorbent but still a pretty good diaper.

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    Pull ups are very slim

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    I would suggest the new cloth backed Tena Slips. Go for Super if you don't want to be too thick. I'm into my first pack of the new Maxi's and they are very discreet. They are crinkle free so you don't need to worry about noise. They should be easily available in Europe (They are available in the UK anyway).

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    Walgreen brands have been working great for me. and cheap

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    Drynites are pretty discreet. If they fit you that is. You can usually buy them in any major supermarket, Or at a drug store.
    They work allright for me because they still fit me.

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    well, i use indaslip dermo. (blue bag, not the red one which are the Maxi's) these are pretty discreet for daytime use. and if this helps, they are made in Spain. 8/10

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