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    For those who don't know, the game "Among the Sleep" was just released for the PC. For the unaware, "Among the Sleep" is a horror game where you play a 2 year-old child, and with that mentality of a child's imagination, that game uses that to its advantage honing in on what the darkness would look like and feel like as a child. There are moments where you can play in the nursery, walk around the house, all the while feeling your diminutive size in a regular house-hold. But when night falls and mysterious things come about, you, the child, must figure what happened on a dark and daring adventure with your friend, Teddy.

    Thought this would be semi-relevant to the ABDL community in some aspect or another. Anyone else interested?

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    looks very interesting. I'm considering buying it if they sell it for mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by nites View Post
    looks very interesting. I'm considering buying it if they sell it for mac
    you buy it once on steam and you get windows, linux and mac verison's via Steamplay program.

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    I bought two copies when i preordered it like last year. I was actually live-streaming it earlier also here: Twitch , but sadly I forgot to enable saving past broadcast.

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    The idea of making a game like that sounds interesting to me. But having looked at some gameplay it looks really boring to me.

    I generally don't like "horror" games too. Not because I get to scared but I find them predictable, not scary, bad gameplay mechanics, and extremely boring.

    But for the people that do like those games, have fun!

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    Looks interesting. I can't afford it at the moment so I guess I will just play the demo for now. Will post back when I am done playing to post on wether or not I feel it is worth buying.

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