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Thread: How to make the "softest" cloth diapers

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    Default How to make the "softest" cloth diapers

    I just completed making nine of the softest cloth gauze diapers with fabric from It took about 54 yards since you need to layer the fabric. Just cut it into 7 or 8 foot lengths and sew the ends together with a sewing machine or serger to keep them from fraying in the wash. You need three of these to make one diaper. Fold one lengthwise and place it in the middle between the other two. That will give you four layers on the sides and eight in the middle. You can use more or less but that worked for me. Gauze has more stretch than birdseye or flannel. Use either two or four diaper pins. Snappies will help keep the waist snug. They are easy to wash and they dry quickly. Prefolds take forever to dry but since these are only two layers they dry in a minimum of time. Wash before using and do not use bleach or fabric softener. They will shrink and fluff up during first wash and dry. I enjoyed making them and even enjoy folding them.

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    Welcome aboard, ChooChoo69! looks like a cool place. Wish I could sew!

    I'm crossing my fingers and waiting patiently for one of the adult prefold companies -- Changing Times, Rearz, Baby Pants, etc. -- to start selling twill prefolds made with the bamboo/cotton blend. I expect to be waiting a while, but it will be a glorious day when it happens. I'm a huge fan of cotton twill for diapers. Out of curiosity, though, I picked up a half-dozen bamboo/cotton blend prefolds (toddler size) from Green Mountain Diapers a short while ago, and they are absolutely the softest diapers I have ever had -- softer even than my stash of old Curity prefolds from the 70's and 80's.

    Bamboo (actually bamboo rayon) = amazing!

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    Looks great $26 for 6. So would you use two for overnight? How many oz CUP each?

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    Double your diaper and double your comfort and fun! You can make your diaper any thickness. That's the beauty of not having them all sewed together like the prefolds.

    - - - Updated - - - also sells cotton twill. I'm going to make a couple of diapers out of the twill and a couple more out of the birdseye cotton. I bought a serger and it works great serging the edges. You can even use blue and pink thread for the trim.

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