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    Hi there! I am just getting back into the whole diaper wearing business.

    I just bought a pack of 18 of the Tena Super Absorbent Underwear..(I believe that's what they are called). I haven't been wearing them very long, maybe 45 minutes or so. It has also been a long time since I put on a diaper. I have some questions. How do I make it feel comfortable? What can I do enjoy my diaper experience more? What is a good store-brand diaper (Walmart) that is thick?

    I am afraid to wet because I only have 18 and I am very busy. So, I don't want to have to go to the store soon.

    Thanks for you help!

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    Well, what are you finding to be uncomfortable about your diaper?

    As for store brands, well there are really no good store brands that are thick, or really even good store brands. I like to buy certainties because they are cheap and at the store, but they are not high quality by any means, or even thick. I usually use baby diapers as stuffers to make them a bit thicker.

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    I'm afraid that if you're not finding your diaper comfortable, there's really not much else to do besides try another brand or perhaps, like Tyger said, use baby diapers as stuffers...

    I'm personally a fan of baby diapers, you get a lot for your money and they'll hold a small wetting. I'm too big to actually wear them, so I simply lay them inside my underwear. It's not ideal, but it's something.

    I don't get to buy diapers too often, so I try to make them last. Perhaps you could wear one a week? Then you won't have to buy more for 18 weeks.

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    I'm afraid there aren't any good store brand diapers that are thick or absorbent. At least this is the case here in Canada. The most you can really do sadly is buy baby diapers and use them as stuffers to increase thickness/absorbency. Sorry I can't offer anymore help!

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