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Thread: Abmud?

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    Default Abmud?

    Hey guys! You may be glad to know that I'm not here to ask anything this time! x3 I actually found something that I'd like to share.

    AB MUD v4.0

    I was carousing the internet when I found this little gem. I dunno if anyone else knew about it, but I shared it on the chat and they seemed to enjoy it so I figured I'd share it here.

    As far as I can tell, it seems to be some type of roleplay thing. It seems really cool to me, so I hope you guys enjoy!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you some things about it. Well, to use it, you need to download a MUD client. I personally use MUSHClient. A few rules of thumb: Don't go on there and immediately ask for a mommy/daddy/sibling. That's not allowed x3. Uhm... No anthro/superhuman/anything other than human characters. Fursuits ARE accepted however. One final word, make a realistic name. Like... John, or sarah, stuff like that. It's meant to be mostly realistic.


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    Are those text based MUD still going??

    I'm not a gamer by any extend - but this reminds me of the beginnings of Internet Gaming... having seen the first around 1989 or so..

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    Abmud, I used to play it a few months ago but grew distant after my old computer stopped being able to play it. It's fun but it's almost overwhelming until you figure out most of the commands. One thing I can say is most of the people on there seem to be nice and helpful. If you have the time to put in to getting to know the people on there, it's definitely worth it.

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    Say whaAAAAAT?
    No, really, this sounds awesome. c:

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    I'm in the main lobby and don't know what to do next. Bwaaahh!

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    I tried to log on earlier and it's been so long that my character was deleted otherwise I'd try to help you.

    Unless thing's have changed it's fairly simple once you know the commands.

    typing 'go ic' (Without the ' ') takes you out of the lobby and into the game. Typing 'go ooc' takes you into the lobby. There is also 'help' that will help you with various commands.

    The best thing I can do is find a person in the game who is willing to help you learn the commands. If I am remembering correctly. to chat to someone ooc while you're into the IC world type 'ooc <message>' (Without the ' or the <message>) That should make your message show up as blue and not be in character. To chat as a regular character (Again I stress it has been a long time since I played. It's just 'action "Words" action' or something along those lines, as in, the words outside of the "" are your acitons and inside "" shows up as your speaking.

    Also, since some of you are probably gonig to be curious about this, unless it changed, you need to get 5(Citation needed) Reward/Reputation/RP points in the game to be able to use your diapers for... that. That can only be awarded by other players and they generally only award you the points if you've done a good job being in character and such. Plus there are other benefits of the points as well such as after about 2 I think you can start awarding your friends points and after I think it was 20... you can make your own clothing for your character instead of using the presets.

    I hope this helps some of you!

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    I can help out. Just go on there and type /tell kaitlyn your issue and I'll help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinkamena View Post
    I can help out. Just go on there and type /tell kaitlyn your issue and I'll help!
    Do you think you could try to find out for me if accounts get deleted after a while of inactivity... it's not been that long since I played by my character was deleted, lol. Just thought since you seem be to able to log in that you might be able to ask someone. (or know yourself.)

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