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Thread: Help with Abena M4s

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    Default Help with Abena M4s

    I'm considering ordering some Abena m4s, and I can't decide on the "premium" (cloth-like) or originals (plastic). I'm afraid that the plastic will be really uncomfortable like some other plastic store brand diapers I've tried (it is summer here). Is the absorbency between the two all that different?

    Also, do they tend to run small/large?

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    You should go with the original plastic. The tapes hold much better and the plastic is soft. They will be a bit warmer than the cloth backed, so use a little more powder and around your hips as well. Absorbency is about the same for both, A Lot.

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    They don't run huge, if you have thick legs, you might have issues. I'd say get a sample of both types and see. I think xp medical may have both available.

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    The plastic ones are awesome. I'd highly recommend them.

    I don't like the cloth ones as much, they sag after a while. A onesie helps, but the tapes seem to loosen or the cloth expands and you need to retape a lot.

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    For myself, size medium has consistently fit me across multiple brands, and the Abena X-Plus mediums (M4) are no exception. So if medium generally fits you, you won't have any problems with the M4. I've only used the plastic ones and have never been tempted to try anything else. While the "cloth-like" diapers may run cooler, I have heard that they can create more problems than they solve (odor, dampness, stretching, etc.). I wear the Abena's with a booster pad and plastic pants, and living in Southern California can present some issues during the summer. However, the reliability of this combination is worth the small discomfort that I have to deal with on occasion.

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    Abena is supposed to be the best adult diaper with very large absorbency and the M4 adds thickness.

    This is a link for the day I asked about Abena's and I think you will be satisfied with them because they are double taped so it locks in place and of course the inside is comfortable and can withstand multiple leakings. I would recommend plastic because the cloth ain't nothing to ride home about trust me...

    They have sizes of Medium and Large sizes consist of


    If my measurements are correct I recommend the medium and get ready for the time of your life!

    I don't understand what your implying by same two run different. If I'm understanding you correctly, Plastic holds more than cloth, and the plastic is once again comfy so you have no worries on putting your money on Abena.

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    I prefer the plastic backed ones my self
    but the tend to be smaller the some other brands
    so for example if you normally wear medium diapers etc you might want to order larges or what ever the next size up from what you normally wear is

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