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Thread: Managing a normal lifestyle with diapers

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    Default Managing a normal lifestyle with diapers

    I must have enjoyed wearing and having my diapers changed when I was a baby because I have ever since. When I was four I wet my pants while playing outdoors so my mom diapered me and put me to bed once for punishment. Little did she know how I would like it! My older sister and her girlfriend thought it would be fun to diaper me when I was about eight. We all thought it was fun! Even through grade school, high school and college I would figure out a way to find and use diapers. After a few years of marriage I confessed my passion for diapers to my wife which she accepted and participated in changing them on occasion. Our marriage has lasted over fifty years and I am still in diapers for fun. I’ve been through the “binge and purge” numerous times but always come back.

    Cloth diapers are my favorite with plastic or rubber “baby” pants. Onesies, training pants, baby powder, baby oil, baby lotion, diaper pins and Snappies are all a part of the experience. Disposables include Abena, Molicare and Tena.

    I’ve been in sales and management for my entire career. My hobbies include travel by rail and travel planning for groups.

    I believe that practicing the AB/DL lifestyle is not a lot different from those who enjoy golf, cars and sports except we just have to it discreetly and in moderation.

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    Hello ChooChoo! Welcome to ADISC! I'm happy that your wife accepts you, I hear that it doesn't always go so smoothly. Anyways, on the other hand, I'm Pinkie and I think you should get along just fine here. I can see that you enjoy train travel, many of us here do as well! Do you have any other hobbies that you could share, perhaps? Well, anyways, enjoy your stay at ADISC!

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    Welcome ChooChoo! Your life sounds awesome. I have not reached the place where I have been open to having anyone change me, but I have been able to discuss my DL tendencies to my fiancé, so who knows where we will go with it once we marry. I just started admitting to myself that I had this desire at age 37 even though I have been engaging in purposely wetting myself since I was in preschool. I think it is about time I had a hobby.
    Your career sounds great. I am in sales, but am not focusing on my career this year because I am getting married this summer. Maybe I will do better next year.
    Fascinating Lady

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    Welcome ChooChoo to ADISC! Glad to see someone my age come aboard. Although I'll turn 75 in a couple of months. I'm also into cloth
    diapers as I wear them two thirds of my day. I also use disposables. I've been retired now ten years. My interests are Texas Rangers baseball
    and NASCAR.

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