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    Last night for the first time in a long time I had chance to wear a nappy all night long. So I took the opportunity. I folded my towelling nappy and put it on, I used some undies to help keep it in place. The my new plastic pants. I needed a wee but I haven't yet been able to wet myself while lying down so thought I'd give it another try, I laid there for over an hour trying to relax enough for me to start weeing. It didn't happen. I go out of bed and slowly wet my nappy while stood up. got back into bed and fell asleep quite quickly, I awoke around my normal time needing to wee again, again I tried to relax enough to wet while laid down but still couldn't do, Again out of bed and standing up I wet the nappy for a 2nd time, got back into bed and enjoyed the feeling of a warm wet nappy between my legs. When I went to the shower and took my nappy off it had a great yellow stain all over the front. Once of the best nights sleep I've had for a long long time. can't wait to do it again.

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    Cool whiteundies. Hope you get another chance soon.

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    Good for you, whiteundies!
    I liked your post so much I almost wet my pants!
    I guess that from what I've read on ADISC, wetting while lying down is an elusive thing for most folks here.
    The way I do it is by raising my knees, spreading my legs a bit and putting my feet together.
    After many tries, I all but mastered it but relaxation is a must. It took a lotta tries, but I was finally able to do it.
    I hope you're able to have a similar evening soon!

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    Oddly enough, I don't seem to have any trouble when laying down. Though perhaps from training/conditioning, it is near inpossible for me to use a diaper while in bed. If I lay on the floor, there are no problems.

    I'm sure its a level of training combined with reinforcement.

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    I would love to wet my diaper whilst lying down in bed but like you whiteundies I have to stand up out of bed to wet my diaper. I've been close by closing my eyes and trying to imagine that I'm standing up but locked up at last hurdle.

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    Weird post... But as for the wetting lying down, try to relax, lie on your stomach and think of waterfalls or something...

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    I lay on my side, maybe just used to it!!! one time only laying down diapers just dont hold the same laying as they do standing or sitting always leak on me second try even with plastic pants

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    I haven't mastered wetting in sleep yet, but I was wetting in all 3 positions in the bed just on my waterproof bed pad before I even tried diapers. I guess I probably practiced a lot not even knowing where it was leading. I think one thing I used to do was put my hand against the cold windowpane at night to get more prone to start wetting. Now I mostly just suck the paci and close my eyes to relax and go.

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