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Thread: Can't decide what to do with my money...

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    Default Can't decide what to do with my money...

    Yes, I know I could just go to a guitar store and throw cash at the clerk.

    I was 24/7 for over three months, but I ran out about two weeks ago. I did a case of A+, a case of Teddy, and some cheaper stuff from local stores (never found decent stuff in any stores here, and never found good stuff anywhere, at any price) I love the feel of the backing on the A+, but the lack of leak guards is mildly annoying. Trying to decide if I should save my money for video games or guitar stuff, get another case of A+ and some plastic pants, or go back to Dry 24/7 that I haven't had in about two years and also liked.

    Someone convince me I should do something in particular so I can pretend that I didn't decide myself.

    Also, is there any type of place I should look for in particular when calling around to medical supply stores? Do they typically sell only cases? They only place I've found that lists TENA products actually specializes in prosthetic limbs, and the others nearby just don't strike me as one that will have the higher quality briefs. It would be nice to not have to wait for shipping.

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    Well there are a bunch of sales going on. The dry 24/7 site has them going for a lot cheaper then you would get them later. I just ordered a second case. Bambino has a couple of (kinda measly) sales also.

    Also, the way I find medical supply stores that are at least decent is to search for tranquility retailers. If they carry tranquility then they could possibly have nicer stuff.

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    Knowing me, I'd probably blow all the money on guitar stuff :p

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    You can always send it my way. I'll decide what to do with it. lol

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    At the moment I dont even have enough money to buy a decent set of strings for my bass...

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