I love the UK website IncontinenceChoice all the more now! Maybe they've started doing it and it's their apology that the plastic Tena Slips are going (yes I know they're not the makers!) but - they are now selling the whole UK Attends range! Very quickly - there are still some plastic-backed Tena Slips left but this thread is not about them (if you know me well in an ADISC-sense gasp here!).

Ever since Tena announced it was changing it's nappies for the worst (you know the details!) (Whoops, there I go again!), I've been looking for a replacement and - TCALSS - I really like the UK Attends Slip Regular Pluses (I may have reviewed them - I don't know saying that though...I've been on here so long now I can't see some of me earlier posts!).

Well IncontinenceChoice is now selling them. This is really going to make my life easy as the UK Attends ordering website was - for me - always a little bit not understandable. And IncontinenceChoice are fantastic - guaranteed next day delivery if you order before 4pm, careful handling of products and great prices.

If you're wondering, because UK Attends Slip Regular Pluses are now - to me - suddenly so easily e-available they may become my number one plastic-backed Tena Slip Maxi Medium replacements! It's not an early departure for me today where getting-out-the-house is concerned so I may order some now - or very soon after posting this...this means that I better conclude with an important fact.

I (bringmesunshine), am not affiliated with IncontinenceChoice...I do not know them in a business sense, I do not and have never worked for them, this is not intentional advertising...I am just a customer.
I have a little bit more to say but I won't, this post is too long. BMS