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Thread: Are there any misconceptions about you?

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    Default Are there any misconceptions about you?

    Do people sometimes make mistaken assumptions about you?

    It isn't uncommon for people to mistake me for being older than I actually happen to be.

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    Most people think I am a LOT younger than I really am. Just recently I was talking to someone and they asked questions that implied they thought I was a teenager (something about making sure I had permission from my parents before doing something.) The last time I got my hair cut, they asked me if I was going to the prom this year. I'm 34! I don't know what to say in these situations, because telling them would make them feel very bad/embarrassed for guessing so far off the mark. Oftentimes, if I know I never will see them again, I say I'm "in college" which is true, I'm finishing my degree - but they can assume I'm 19 and feel less embarrassed for thinking I was in high school. When I have to see them again, lately I've been going with acting really flattered, so they think they complimented me and feel less bad about their social faux pas.

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    I have had people mistake me for younger too. Once at church on a special occasion my mom went and was helping with the kids. After potluck when it was desert time one of the kids decided it would be better to ask me for a treat than grandma. The gentleman across from us said, 'oh I thought you were one of the kids'.
    We live in a small town and we know the grocery store clerks pretty well. We go into the store about every two weeks. Last time I went to the store I was putting groceries on the counter. The cashier was going to ask how I wanted them bagged. She said it in a soft voice, but then immediately yelled where did you go? I thought she was yelling at somebody else, but not long until she said, 'I thought you were one of the kids, I was wondering where you went.' The whole time I was standing right in front of her. On the phone even some of my friends will ask me if they can speak to my mom. Just the other day a lady embarrassed herself asking for an adult when she was talking to a 37 year old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IzzyFox View Post
    Do people sometimes make mistaken assumptions about you?

    It isn't uncommon for people to mistake me for being older than I actually happen to be.
    I am the opposite. When I have my hair cut short. I am my mid 30's and I still have to show my ID at the bar. Yes, people mistaken about my age a lot. To me its a common thing and I got use to it.

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    I'm sometimes judged by my appearance. Long hair, big beard, black clothes, extreme metal bandshirts, heavy boots etc., so people assume, that I'm some sort of right-wing militant. As soon as start talking to someone about university stuff though, it turns to the exact opposite. Say the wrong thing and suddenly your the stupid left-wing intellectual. But mostly I guess that people think I'm simply scum. Just to make it clear, I'm spending a lot of time with my hair and beard to let them look nice, I never wear dirty clothes, I just happen to look different. Lucky me, I stopped caring a long time ago.

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    The way to stay young is to act young. How could you do better than acting like a baby and wearing diapers? It's like the fountain of youth!

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    I sometimes get mistaken for a mature adult.

    There were a lot of misconceptions about me during my teenage years as I lived on a dodgy council estate but did not fit the "teenager on a dodgy council estate" stereotype. I cared about education, didn't drink, didn't smoke, wasn't violent and could get to the end of a sentence without swearing. It's sad to say it, but that really did surprise some people.

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    Online people think I am unstable because I wear diapers or think I am out to make drama and provoke people or think I am a story teller or think I am trolling. Some even think I am slow or just stupid.

    In real life I am not sure. I have been mistaken as slow or retarded growing up and in high school, kids asked me if I was a lesbian. I was probably seen as lazy based on the ignorance I got in school because of my disability. I was also seen a mean and rude too and weird and kids thought I was showing off. I was also seen as being stupid. I also talked funny. Now people think I am from somewhere else so I get asked where am I from.

    Sometimes I would rather be seen as a troll because at least I get better respect because then they leave me alone. I have gotten harassment online from people on other forums from the age of 17 when I first started posting online because they couldn't stand me and knew I was for real. But yet Chris Chan managed to still get trolled and harassed despite everyone knowing he could just be a troll so I figured he is doing a damn good job then.

    Then I have also gotten positive misconceptions. I have been told I could go to college and I am so smart but then they seem surprised and find it hard to believe I was in special ed and I was on the IEP. People tend to think people with LDs are not smart but they also think smart people don't have any problems with learning and don't have problems lot of people wouldn't have trouble with. I find if people just think you are not smart, then seem to understand your issues better and are more friendly and helpful but if they think you're smart, forget it. That is how black and white people are with disabilities.

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    people will say im a compleate unfeeling unsympathetic asshole because of what i say but i speak as i see and i dont censor my tounge. ill call stuff as i see it and honesty pisses a bunch of people off they like being lied to if it makes them feel good and feel like what they do is justified.

    also im called irresponsable and immature but my philosophy is "don't take life too seriously you wont get out alive". i pick my moments and my kids love me for it im the fun dad.

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    People think I'm overly sensitive in person. Also, sometimes I get the feeling they're thinking "wtf" when I say something. My mouth can't keep up with my words.

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