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Thread: Never needed a Diaper more...

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    Default Never needed a Diaper more...

    Ok, I'm a relatively new practicing DL (Been wanting to for decades, literally)...

    Met with a mate for a 'pint'. He's Scottish and can blether (Chat) uninterrupted for hours and boy can he drink...

    I'm a light weight when it comes to alcohol and tried to pace him. (in two hours the score was: Him - 5, Me - 3).

    Just got home after the three pints and, my word, I need to pee...

    It would just have been so much easier to have gone out padded! Next time I need to have nerves of steel and just do it. It really would have been easier.

    Anyone else wished they had been padded when they went out without?


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    Every time I go to a concert or a party. Lines for bathrooms are ridiculous and they are always disgusting.

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    And that's why I was holding... Great pub, great beer, shocking toilets. I mean, really?

    Oh well,


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    Harley rides and going to my friend 's house that has no plumbing.

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    I'd insist: diapers + plastic under your leathers. That would be ultra Fascinating. Then, all set for the visit where there is no plumbing, too.

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    everytime i do anything i wish i was wearing a diaper because it makes the stress of whatever go away.

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    Every time I go out with friends to a place that we're drinking, I always regret not being padded. Though I wonder in the realm of unusual things, its it appropriate to wear a diaper under Rockey Horror Picture Show attire? Certainly would be interesting!

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    for me whenever I go out and long lines and/or alcohol are involved I'm always well padded, better safe than sorry!

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    Who says that adult diapers are only for old people?

    There have been times when I wished I had a diaper on because the wait was excruciating or the bathrooms were disgusting. Going to fairs and stock car races were the worst. I feel awful for the guy (or gal) that has to clean those porta-potties out. Thankfully they don't come around too often much anymore so I don't usually worry anymore. The idea always stays in the back of my mind though.

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    When I went to Europe an you had to pay to use the bathroom, that made me wish I had one on. But then I realized I would be paying to change my diaper.

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